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How to make the most of your Vancouver summer

How to make the most of your Vancouver summer

Summer in Vancouver goes fast. Before you know it, shorts, swimsuits and deck chairs are 50% off, Back to School ads are out, and the sun is down at 7 o’clock. So now is the time to make the most of summer with the kids. We’ve got ways to keep it simple, challenges for the kids (and you), local activities, summer getaways and more.

How to make the most of your Vancouver summer!

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Keep it simple

The days are still long and light. If you’ve had a long day at work and the kids have been at camp, keep it simple. There’s plenty of sunshine after 5 pm, so head out to beach or playground with a picnic dinner (or take out) during the golden light. Snap some pics – this is the best light of the day and before you know it, it’s gone.

Set a fun summer challenge

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Get the kids involved in these VERY FUN challenges.

Check out a new beach, hike or lake

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Keep it affordable

summer vancouver

See Also

There are deals to be had!

Plan a family friendly getaway in BC

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There are lots of great places to explore in BC with your kids (no plane tickets required!)

  • Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa on Okanagan Lake is one of the most family friendly places around. Summer kids club: Free kids and tweens club for guests with kids age 6+ (you can drop off your kids). They will keep them busy with outdoor activities all day long!
  • Harrison Hot Springs: So much summer fun including a gigantic water slide out on the lake!
  • SaltSpring Island: Island life is just the ticket come summer. Get your relaxation vibe going on the Gulf Islands
  • Camping: It’s not really summer without at least one outing into the woods with the kids. Make sure you aren’t in wildfire country however.
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