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VM Picks: 2024 Top Kids Summer Camps in Metro Vancouver

VM Picks: 2024 Top Kids Summer Camps in Metro Vancouver

Summer Camps are back in full swing. So go ahead and enroll your kids in one of these creative, active or just plain fun summer camps around Metro Vancouver. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, half or day-long, we’ve got ideas. Take a look at the line-up of 18 Summer Camps that your kids will have a great experience with.

Updated June 2024

2024 Top Summer Camps in Metro Vancouver

Arts Umbrella

Arts Umbrella offers a variety of summer programs in Art, Design, Dance, Theatre, Music, Film, and more, catering to young people aged 3-19. These programs provide a unique opportunity for youth to explore new artistic interests, enhance their skills, and enjoy their summer break in a creative environment. Led by Arts Umbrella’s talented faculty, the camps and intensives feature a curriculum crafted by artistic leaders in collaboration with arts education experts. Both single and multi-week programs are available at our Granville Island and Surrey Centre locations.

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Elevate Ultimate

Join Elevate Ultimate for an unforgettable summer camp experience! Their camps offer the joy of sports with a focus on Ultimate Frisbee. With over 10,000 kids coached annually and a stellar reputation supported by over 100 five-star reviews, their dedicated team is committed to providing enriching experiences for children of all ages. Their camps emphasize teamwork, personal growth, and creating lasting summer memories. Join us for a summer filled with fun, friendship, and valuable life skills!

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Byte Camp

For over 20 years, Byte Camp has been offering unique technology adventures to thousands of kids, focusing on fostering creativity and technical skills. Our programs are designed to teach young learners (ages 9-14) the fundamentals of coding, animation, and game design in a fun and engaging environment. For older students (ages 13-16), our Byte Camp U series provides advanced training in engineering and game development during a two-week residential program in beautiful Victoria. Join us this summer and turn your tech skills into a lifelong passion!  

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Fireside Adventures

Fireside offers a unique outdoor adventure experience for kids, focusing on fostering friendships and life skills. Our Vancouver Summer Day Camps and Camp Fireside Overnights teach young children (6-11) how to have fun and stay safe outdoors. For older kids (11-17), our Explorer series features epic canoe journeys in BC or the Yukon to develop wilderness and leadership skills.

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Code Ninjas

With over 13 locations in B.C., Code Ninjas summer camps are engaging and educational experiences designed to teach kids ages 5-15 valuable coding skills in a fun and collaborative environment. Led by Code Senseis, these camps offer a variety of themes and technologies, such as game development, robotics, and app creation. Through hands-on projects and activities, campers learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork while exploring the world of coding. Whether beginners or experienced, kids can unleash their creativity and build confidence in technology.

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Vancouver Independent School for Science And Technology (VISST)

VISST camps offer fun and hands-on STEM programs for students aged 8-17, taught by award-winning instructors and PhDs. Topics covered include Machine Learning, Sustainability, Game Programming, and more. The curriculum is adaptable and allows students to learn at their own pace. Humanities topics like Writing and History are also available. Upon completion, students earn a certificate of completion.

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Shoreline Studios

If you got a buddy performer in your house, this summer camp is for you! Shoreline Studios offers week long camps called Crafting the Actor. Each session covers a variety of concepts to help actors hone their skills and work confidently, knowing they have a solid foundation!

Best of all, they’re going to make friends, learn more about themselves while building character, and get a copy of their voice-over and on-camera work.

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Steamoji is a maker academy for kids ages 5-18 that trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. They believe the best way to prepare for a world of accelerating change is to train our children with the foundational skills and mindsets to build solutions to the problems of their future.

Technological change is accelerating. Many parents feel STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) are important to help prepare their children the careers of their future, but see schools more focused on traditional studies.

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Alliance Francaise

Discover the perfect summer adventure for kids and teens at Alliance Française Vancouver! Immerse yourself in the French language through exciting summer camps and classes. With certified native French teachers and a focus on communication skills, your child will gain a lifelong advantage in language learning. Join them for an unforgettable summer of fun and French exploration. Enroll today!

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Vancouver Outdoors Society

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia with Vancouer Outdoors Society summer camp adventures! Spend two nights camping under the stars at a backcountry trail campsite, experiencing the wild and natural wonders of the region. Embark on a high alpine day hike, accessed by gondola car, where you’ll explore a high mountain environment with year-round snow fields and glaciers!

Delve into the history and culture of local First Nations, and discover the vibrant cities of Vancouver and the Olympic town of Whistler. Additionally, this thrilling program is designed especially for teens, promising unforgettable memories and a once-in-a-lifetime Canadian experience. Join them for an unforgettable Canadian Dream Summer for your kids.

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Wildplay Element Parks

Join WildPlay’s new Anti-Gravity Camp for outdoor education, play, and exercise this summer. Conquer aerial activities, learn teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience. Say goodbye to screens and hello to unforgettable outdoor fun!

Sign up now for an action-packed summer at WildPlay’s Anti-Gravity Camp. Don’t miss out on this gravity-defying experience!

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Camp Monarch

Join us at Camp Monarch for an extraordinary summer filled with creativity and fun! For children aged 5-12, our two-week day camp blends music, art, dance, and musical theatre in a nurturing environment. Based on the Orff-Schulwerk approach to music education, we provide engaging, hands-on classes led by professional instructors. Our program culminates in a full-scale performance, allowing campers to showcase their talents and teamwork. With 22 years of inspiring young artists, Camp Monarch is a place where your child can explore and grow their creative passions in a positive and fun atmosphere. Discover why Camp Monarch is the ideal choice for your child’s summer adventure!

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Pear Tree Education

Pear Tree Education is about to change your idea of summer camps! Like many families, you’re looking for the perfect blend of education and social interactions for your child.

They have become one of Vancouver’s most popular education camp. Your child will spend as much time as possible outside, experiencing education hands-on in the open air.

Their camps fill up very fast; so, make sure that you book soon to avoid disappointment!

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Lights Up Theatre

Lights Up camps put the spotlight on FUN! Each week, we Sing, Dance & Act, while building confidence, and making great new friends. 

Campers are split into groups by age and take classes in Singing, Dancing and Acting each day. As the week progresses we put it all together and on Friday, we show off our work in a presentation for family and friends!

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2024 marks 17 years of Lights Up Musical Theatre camps in the Lower Mainland, and almost 2000 kids attended camps in 2023! We can’t wait to sing and dance with you again this summer!

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Filmmaking Summer Camps

A group of girls at an acting summer camp called Garage Tapes

Join this Filmmaking Summer Camp for an unforgettable filmmaking experience! Dive into storytelling, collaboration, filmmaking, and performance in this one-week camp. Kids aged 8-12 will storyboard, write, perform, and film their own short film. Campers will work together to create a story concept, develop characters, and film their creation—all in just 5 exciting days!

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Uphoria Yoga

Üphoria Yoga’s camps offer full or half-day programs that blend physical, cognitive, and social-emotional playful learning. Kids will enjoy learning yoga poses and short sequences, playing fun yoga games, dancing, singing, playing, and participating in arts and crafts activities.

To see what the camp offers check out their video: Üphoria Yoga Summer Camps

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Fresh Air Learning

A group of girls in the forest hanging out for summer camps with Fresh Air Learning

Remember that special natural place that you went to as a child? Whether it was a ditch, a vacant lot, or a little bit of urban forest, you learned about the joys of a muddy puddle, you felt wonder at the owl that you saw in the tree, and you got to know a small place so deeply.

If you want your child to run, explore and imagine outdoors this summer, join Fresh Air Learning for lots of play-based, hands-on fun and exploration! They are guided by the child-led philosophy of forest school. They see children are keen, capable learners, and they are happy to support and extend their explorations.

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Zen Maker Lab

Experience the Zen Maker Lab summer camps! Since 2013, they’ve been expertly running programs that ensure thousands of children have a wonderful and memorable time. Their fun and engaging curriculum is designed to maximize learning and enjoyment, with hands-on projects that students can proudly take home. Their instructors are not only here to teach but also to act as role models, providing a supportive environment where your child can ask questions and learn. Plus, after completing each camp, your child will receive a certificate of completion listing everything they learned. Join Zen Maker Lab in North Vancouver for an unforgettable summer experience!

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Sky High Volleyball

Are you ready to serve, spike, and set your way to an unforgettable summer?

At Sky High Volleyball Camp, every day is filled with action-packed drills, games, and friendly competitions designed to challenge and inspire kids of all levels. Whether your child is a beginner eager to learn the basics or a player looking to take their game to the next level, our program offers something for everyone.

Parents, keep your kids active and entertained this summer! Enroll them in our exciting sports camp where boredom is never an option. Give your kids the summer they deserve! No regrets, only great memories!

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This post is sponsored by the above camps.

If you have a summer camp and you’d like to be listed, please visit us here.

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