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Sleep away camp! Bunk beds, campfire songs, tall trees, docks and boats, crafts with yarn and sticks – many of us remember a camp experience like this from our childhood. Sleep away camps can be life-changing and there are plenty in easy distance of Vancouver. Many are dotted throughout Howe Sound, and the Fraser Valley has its fair share as well.

Are you thinking about sending your child to a day or overnight summer camp this year? Most kids will be apprehensive their first time and even some veteran camp-goers will feel a bit nervous as they embark on a fresh adventure. Here are a few elements that will help ensure your kids have a successful camp experience.

Do you have a skater or scooter kid in the house? Or a wannabe? Then you might want to check out Evolve Summer Camps. We chatted with Camp Coordinator Patrick Richardson about their action-packed summer camps. Check out our 2019 list of Top Summer Camps! 1. Give us a brief description of your camp. Evolve…