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Getaway: Family Adventure at Harrison Hot Springs Resort

Getaway: Family Adventure at Harrison Hot Springs Resort

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We’ve shared our tips for a great weekend getaway in Harrison Hot Springs before. But this is a fabulous family-friendly spot, so we wanted to share it with you again, in time for you to plan your own visit this summer.

If you have ever gone on vacation with your kids, you know that as long as you’re with the kids there is no holiday from parenting. There are only more or less relaxing places to parent away from home. So choosing a getaway destination that makes it easy for everyone to have a great time means looking for things that parents and kids both want: fun activities for the kids and a chance to relax and recharge for the parents.

Getaway: Harrison Hot Springs

Last week I was invited to participate in a mom blogger event at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, where the hotel would show us what a great time families can have on holiday at Harrison. Talk about an offer I just couldn’t refuse! We rearranged some plans and headed out for our getaway early Thursday afternoon.

The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is located about 90 minutes east of Vancouver, just past the town of Agassiz. We traveled far enough to get past the urban sprawl, but not so far that we had to stop and stretch our legs partway. The resort itself is situated on the shore of Harrison Lake. This makes it feel like you’re much further into the mountains than you actually are, and boasts large sandy beaches and forested walking trails.

Spas, Mineral Pools and Activities, Oh My!

The first activity on the itinerary at Harrison Hot Springs was a facial at the spa. I left the girls with my husband and enjoyed the luxury of the Healing Springs Spa. What a treat! I hadn’t set foot in a spa since my eldest daughter was born, and it was a truly pampering experience. What Vancouver mom couldn’t use a little more of that?

Once I was finished at the spa I met up with my family and we soaked in the mineral pools before meeting the rest of the group for dinner. The outside air was chilly but the water was lovely, and a steamy mist rose up from the pool and gathered on the tree-covered mountain behind the pools. And there are many pools at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Outdoors there is a family pool with a shallow entry perfect for my three year old, an adult-only pool and a cooler lane-swimming pool. The deep pool and the thermal spa are indoors.

After a family friendly dinner and a good night’s sleep, we met in the morning to explore some of the outdoor activities in Harrison. There are gardens, nature walks, sandcastles, boat rentals, quadricycles and an inflatable water park – something for everyone to enjoy when you plan your getaway.

The Verdict

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa is most definitely a family-friendly getaway destination. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming to my little people, and we never felt like our kids were out of place at all. Our family loved the pools, and we went swimming three times in the 24 hours we were there. My eldest daughter totally loved the quadricycle ride, and wanted to sing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” as we rode around town.

The best review of our getaway, however, came from my three year old. She was tucked up in bed after swimming for hours after dinner, and when she was half asleep she said, “This a fun outing, mama.” She was totally right.

You can find out more about Harrison Hot Springs Resort or book reservations at their website,

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