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Vairdy’s Vancouver: Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment

Hello and welcome to a new beginning here on Vancouver Mom- well… kinda. Each Friday, we’ll be collaborating with photographer, Vairdy, in featuring new spaces for you and family to explore in the Lower Mainland. From parks to playgrounds, we hope these shots, captured via iPhone, will inspire you to either get some fresh air or find new places to play in our city. Enjoy!

Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment

Terra Nova is definitely one of the best playgrounds in the Lower Mainland. It’s in a beautiful location right by the dyke in the northwest corner of Richmond. It’s super natural and has everything from crazy long zip lines to an amazingly high treehouse and epic slides. Go check it out!






Born, raised, and loving life in Vancouver, Vairdy Andrews is a mother to two twin boys. She is a children’s photographer “who seeks to capture a mother’s devotion, a father’s infatuation and a child’s innocence.” 

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    Alex Smith
    January 12, 2015 at 1:28 am

    I just love Vairdy’s photo from Terra Nova playground. It’s bursting with immediacy, with fun, play. I posted on PlayGroundology Facebook earlier today. I’m looking forward to more playground shots from Canada’s west coast. Cheers, Alex in Halifax.

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