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Wooden toys by Tender Leaf

In a world dominated by plastic toys and over-stimulating techno gadgets, it’s refreshing to know that there are companies that care enough to create beautiful, lasting wooden toys so kids can explore, learn and play in a peaceful environment. Tender Leaf Toys is one such toy-maker. This UK company reflects the values we want in…

fall walks vancouver

With our long, relatively mild autumn weather, Vancouver is the ideal city for a crisp fall walk. The crowds of the summer have dissipated, the leaves are golden and green and mushrooms are popping up on the forest floor and beside sidewalks. There’s lots to see and do outdoors in the fall, so why not pack up the kids and go for a walk?

We love supporting local moms and their businesses. And clothes are most fun to shop for. Prep your preschooler head to toe in local designers because they are more durable, easy to care for. Plus, did we mention how cute (and eco friendly) these local designs are? 6 local shops to pick up cute clothes…