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Enter Kidtropolis, an indoor city where kids get to roam around and play in a safe environment that sparks their imaginations. There are so many possibilities for creative play here! Children become firefighters, police officers, dentists, veterinarians, restaurant owners, teachers, stage performers and more.

This topic is near and dear to our hearts because we want to make the world as safe and beautiful as possible for our little ones. As progressive as Vancouver is, there is always more that we can do as individuals. We’ve got 8 ways to reduce plastic in your daily life. (Sometimes plastic is…

News flash. It’s Spring Break in two weeks. If you’d like to spend some time exploring, there are lots of great family and kid activities and events around Vancouver. Some are free, many are cheap and all are worth the price of admission. Think wild rides, beaching, learning, swimming, crafting, hiking, live performances and even bird-watching….

Is getting active one of your intentions in 2018? Do it with Parkour! Parkour was inspired by military obstacle course training. Using speed and efficiency, participants move by combining running, jumping, vaulting, rolling, climbing and martial arts. Parkour also encourages functional skills like spatial awareness and precision. At the end of a session, what you…

Helping your child develop literacy skills is not just about sitting down with a good book each evening before bed. Anyone who has a young child knows that getting your child to read is not always easy. However, there are a number of ways that you can encourage young readers with fun activities that will keep them interested and entertained.

Even before the walking starts – life with a baby is BUSY! Just getting out the door is a win and getting to pre-determined places on time: gold star, please. On top of the regular crazy, baby’s feeding and napping needs seem to be the ruler of all supposed schedules. If nap schedules or non-schedules…