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Looking for a spine-tingling, family friendly Halloween outing for the family this month? Well put on your pointy hats and head down to Canada Place to Flyover Canada! Join Broomelda at the Haunted Witches Academy for a spellbinding virtual flight across Canada from October 17 until November 3rd. Yes, everyone’s favourite witch, Broomelda, is back and ready…

Fall in Vancouver gets a bad rap because it’s the time between the warm sunny summer and the ski and snowboard season. But just because it’s swing season doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of ways to get your littles out in nature. Here are some ways to enjoy the outdoors this fall.

Not everyone wants to be sacred witless during the Halloween season! If the thought of Fright Nights and Haunted corn mazes has you running for cover, rest assured there are plenty of sweet but spooky events that will still allow the kids to sleep at night.