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2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 13-18

2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 13-18

top 30 vancouver mom bloggers carrie mac

In early May we asked you to nominate your favourite Vancouver mom blog for our fourth annual Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers contest. You came through with over 240 nominations, naming more than 60 fabulous Vancouver-area mom bloggers. We reviewed them, we visited the blogs, and we deliberated over our decisions. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve narrowed it down to just 30. We believe you’ll be just as impressed as we are by the strength of the writing and the diversity of topics coming from these bloggers. This week we’ll be presenting the 2013 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers to you, in no particular order. Today we’re happy to share our third set of six.

Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers: 13-18

Carrie Mac of Carrie Mac Writes

top 30 vancouver mom bloggers carrie macCarrie Mac is an award-winning novelist, storyteller and artist, and an East Van mama to two sparkly little kids. Esmé is four, and Hawk is 19 months. She’s married to Jack, also sparkly in her own butch, tattooed, Harley-riding way. They’re a homeschooling family who loves to travel. Carrie’s publisher wishes that her blog would be more about the craft of writing, but it’s not. Instead, she writes about attachment parenting, homeschooling, and all the various adventures that she and her family gets up to. There is a lot to do with writing in there too, being that so much of her inspiration comes from her life and experiences, but mostly her blog is a love letter to her family. Her passion for photography shows in her photo-heavy posts, as does her interest in child-led learning and attachment parenting in all it’s varied forms. Perhaps her other job as a paramedic serves to shine a light on all the scrumptious goodness there is in her own life, because her joy and appreciation for life is obvious to her blog readers. She finds and celebrates the magic in the everyday, and the beauty in the ordinary.

Anupreet Sandhu Bhamra of

top 30 vancouver mom bloggers anupreet sandhu bhamraAnupreet Sandhu Bhamra writes, “When I landed in Vancouver, newly married, a decade ago, I was thrust into multilayered narratives of being a wife, immigrant, person of colour, woman, journalist and later, Canadian citizen, and mother. With time, these narratives intersected with the bigger, profound question of finding my real Self. In 2010, post the birth of my second child, I took a break from an active journalism career, became a full-time parent and intensified my Yoga practice. Two years later, I gave voice to my internal conflict of finding Self, and launched after my double last name, which is the first band of my layered identity – one of birth and the other of marriage. I deconstruct identity in the framework of being a woman, who is defined by intellect; being a wife and mother, who is defined by love; being a person of colour, who is defined past the skin tone; being a Canadian, who is not the hyphenated “Other” and lastly; being a human being who can connect with the yogic wisdom of inner Consciousness.”

Sharilyn Kuehnel of Weekdays from Scratchtop 30 vancouver mom bloggers sharilyn kuehnel

Sharilyn Kuehnel is a painter, crafter, sewist and art lover in addition to parenting two amazing kids in the heart of downtown with her husband. As a family they are striving to live a slow, sustainable life all the while being surrounded by the fast pace of the city – biking, walking, gardening and loving every aspect of living life locally. Weekdays from Scratch was created to share all the family’s adventures in and around this awesome city of Vancouver as well as recipes, sewing projects, art projects and other generally cool stuff. An undertone of radical homemaking and environmentalism shines through as the family strives to walk gently and slowly in a crazy busy world.

Salma Dinani of Real Life for Mom

top 30 vancouver mom bloggers salma dinaniSalma Dinani is a mom, a wife, a writer, a television producer and host and a closet shopaholic who still has a hard time keeping her room clean! She has lived most of her life in Coquitlam, BC, but embarked on a cold, yet delightful journey to Winnipeg with her then new husband. Six years later, two kids, a new blog and a television producer job left behind, she is back in her hometown. Unsure about what the future holds, Salma is at home right now with her two beautiful kids, four-year old son Keyan and almost two-year old daughter Kyah. She started her mommy blog six months ago to be able to share feelings, stories, ideas and the general craziness of being a parent. You can check out her blog at

Cher Hanusiak of EcoBravotop 30 vancouver mom bloggers cher hanusiak

Cher Hanusiak (or “Cheriak” as she’s known on the blogosphere) is a “striving to be greener everyday” mommy to a toddler. She works from home as a Post Production Supervisor in the film industry and is an aspiring eco-preneur. She is on the Steering Committee for the start-up, non-profit, Green Chamber of Commerce BC. Her blog, EcoBravo, was started with a passion for celebrating good people, good places and good products. On the blog you’ll find product reviews, healthy choices for families, eco finds for everyday things, sweet moments and eco-lifestyle tips. She believes consumers have the power of collective change and she tries to use her power for good.

Mitzi Manansala of EastVan Baby

top 30 vancouver mom bloggers mitzi manansalaMitzi writes a lifestyle blog sharing photographs and stories of life as first time parents of their little one, Maxwell! Living in East Vancouver, she is not only a mom and wife, but also a full time palliative care nurse. What have all these different roles taught her about life? “Come what may, and LOVE it!” Mitzi blogs about the hard work of motherhood all the while celebrating the moments of her evolving family. EastVan Baby features include Life Lately’s, Happy Lists, and baby wearing-friendly MOMiforms. “Some days, I literally roll out bed. Then, I see my son’s beautiful face and I’m instantly rejuvenated. Parenting, I can do this!”

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