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Three running routes that end in a sweet treat

Three running routes that end in a sweet treat


Sometimes a little motivation can go a long way, and the motivation of a reward can get me through even the longest of runs. It’s like the old “dangle the carrot” approach: wave that carrot in front of me and I’ll chase it for days, especially if it leads me to a coffee shop! Or a smoothie place. Or somewhere to get ice cream … You can see what motivates me!

If you need a little carrot (or perhaps something sweeter) to dangle in front of yourself on your next run, here are three great running routes that will lead you to coffee, smoothies or even something a little sweeter.

The Seawall to Victoria’s Heath Store 

 Start at the Convention Centre and head left (towards Stanley Park) along the seawall. Run half of your goal distance, then turn around and head back (this is an out and back run). A lot of people don’t like out and back runs because running the same course can be boring. Fortunately, that is not an issue while running the seawall. There is so much to see and take in, you won’t even notice you’re running along the same path on your way home. When you finish at the Convention Centre, head straight up Burrard to Robson then over to Hornby to Victoria’s Health Store. They have a selection of delicious smoothies and bowls to fuel you up after your run. 

False Creek Loop to the Granville Island Tea Company 

 This is a great loop because it’s easy to increase the distance. Start at Granville Island, run along the water towards Science World, and loop around to the north side of the water to the Granville Street Bridge, then up and over the bridge and back to Granville Island. You can extend the route by running to Burrard and heading over the Burrard street Bridge (approximately 7.5 to 10km, depending on your exact route). Then head into the Public Market at Granville Island to the Granville Island Tea Company and enjoy one of their 200 delicious teas.

 37th Avenue to Rain or Shine Ice Cream 

 37th Avenue is a bike lane so it’s one of the quieter residential streets to run in Vancouver. You can start as far east as Nanaimo and run as far west as Camosun.  But no matter where you start, make sure you head north on Cambie Street to West 18th (downhill!) and end your run at Rain or Shine, one of the most popular ice cream spots in the city. A little treat after your run. You’ve earned it!

Where do you like to rest and refuel after your runs? 

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