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Have a love, hate relationship with resolutions? Why not create some family resolutions that are doable and maybe even fun! Over the month of January, we’ll have experts weigh in on the biggies, like money, health, style, school, kids and most importantly, how to make those resolutions STICKY! Here are a few resolutions designed to make life easier.

School, pre-school and daycares are full of healthy, active kids for now. It won’t be long until the human petri dishes discharge sick kids by the dozen back home to their exhausted parents. Now is the time to get into bug and virus fending mode and get your kids into some good hand-washing habits. 5…

So maybe you aren’t that into Valentine’s Day or maybe you are. Either way, nothing set hearts flutter quite like a bottle of bubbly. Let’s face it, we’ll take any excuse to pop a cork (or two). And there’s no reason to head to Champagne or the France aisle to get your bubble on, BC, has 40 wineries in the Okanagan that make palate-pleasing sparkling wine.

I am proudly lowering the bar. I’m lowering the bar on everything I don’t like doing. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.We moms set the bar pretty high for ourselves. We try to do it all. We work. We take care of the kids. We chauffeur everyone to their activities. We clean the house….

New Year’s resolution time! Everyone wants to make a fresh start in the New Year: more exercise, less stress, more mindfulness, better eating habits, less negativity, more excitement! And who couldn’t use a little help achieving all these goals? There are so many amazing local companies that can help you with all your 2019 resolutions….

Join us on November 1st for the first ever evening Leading Moms event, and hear a panel of amazing women and moms who will inspire you to put yourself first! It all takes place at Hycroft Manor on November 1st and the focus is self-care, something on all moms minds. Leading Moms acknowledges the burden…

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” Doesn’t it feel like all you’re doing these days is pouring from your cup? It’s the never-ending cycle of making school lunches, picking up at after-school care, driving to after school activities, helping with homework, over and over and over. It’s time to…