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Where to Shop in Vancouver: In Search of Craft Beer

Where to Shop in Vancouver: In Search of Craft Beer

Craft Beer Week in Vancouver, May 31-June 8 2103, has come and gone and with it all the bearded men who seem to have popped out of the woodwork for this highly-anticipated event. Either that or they’ve all shaved. If you haven’t heard about this week long beer drinking mecca-like event in Vancouver it’s really no surprise, because as far as I can tell most people who drink beer are men. If you look at the beer drinkers in any given restaurant or public house in town chances are ninety percent of them are those that bear facial hair. But if you’d like to even the gender divide, we have the scoop on where to shop in Vancouver.

Where to Shop in Vancouver for Craft Beerwhere to shop in VancouverParallel 49 Brewing Company

Our lovely city has become positioned to be the next Portland, with six new breweries opening up in the Metro Vancouver area in 2013. Still, the culture around craft beer in Vancouver is geared towards men. That’s a shame because on a hot day, there is nothing better than a cold craft beer after being freshly waxed and pedicured. Women, stand up and be counted. Drinking craft beer on a hot summer day is where it’s at in Vancouver.

With so many brewing companies opening their doors and our minds to the endless possibilities of what craft beer is all about, the big brewers are getting a run for their money. People in Vancouver like to support small local businesses and at Vancouver Mom tracking them down is what we do best.

Moms Craft Beer Night Out

Looking for something different to do on a summer night? Give Parallel 49 Brewing Company a go. Enjoy their newly opened Tasting Room in which you can try before you buy, and learn to appreciate the differences between IPAs, lagers, ales and the like. If you get a big group of moms together, call ahead to be sure you can get seated at the bar. The bar staff know their stuff and when it comes to craft beer there is much to learn. Didn’t you know? Craft beer is the new wine for moms in Vancouver.

Parallel 49 offer beer tastings and tours if you book ahead. Make sure to wear your best beer drinking tees, jeans and strappy sandals for a experience you’ll likely never forget.

Drink Craft Beer and Fall (Back) in Love

where to shop in VancouverParallel 49 Brewing Company LogoYour sweetie will think you’ve gone mad but while you’re at Parallel 49 Brewing Company, pick up a growler. It’s a big brown glass jug just shy of a six pack, which you can fill with your favourite taster and bring it home to papa. Share your preservative-free craft brew and brush up on your sports talk, you never know, you just might have found another way into his heart. And bring that growler back again for a refill whenever you’re in the neighbourhood, for an eco-friendly way to enjoy craft beer at home.

When you’re looking for unique ways to spend time with other mamas in your life Vancouver Mom has you covered. We know where to shop in Vancouver for pretty much anything. Go on, enjoy craft beer at Parallel 49 Brewing Company – but please don’t drink and drive.

Parallel 49 Brewing Company | Facebook | Twitter
1950 Triumph Street, Vancouver, 604-558-2739

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