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Best of Vancouver: Chocolate Shop Nominations

Best of Vancouver: Chocolate Shop Nominations

best of vancouver chocolate shop valentine's dayHappy Valentine’s Day! We hope that you’re having a lovely day, filled with all the things that make you happy. For many Vancouver moms, chocolate is on the list of things that make us happy. In fact, it’s probably somewhere near the top. There are good reasons for this. Of course, chocolate is delicious. It’s also reputed to be a natural aphrodisiac. Plus, it contains all sorts of good things. Dark chocolate, especially, is high in antioxidants, as well as having proven benefits to your blood pressure and brain function. Is it any wonder so many of us love chocolate? It seems only natural, then, that today of all days we would launch our next Best of Vancouver search, and this time we’re on the hunt for the best chocolate shop in the city.

Chocolate Shop Search

chocolate shop best of vancouver valentine's dayWhat makes a great chocolate shop? Is it the variety of the chocolate, the quality of the chocolate, the perfectly-packed gift boxes, the way that they offer your kids a little something extra? There are many things that keep us coming back to our favourite chocolatiers for more. In order to win the Best of Vancouver title, a chocolate shop needs all of that and more – it needs an indefinable something extra, kind of like chocolate itself. It’s not enough to say that chocolate is good. Chocolate is in a class by itself. The same holds true for a fabulous chocolate shop.

This is where you come in. As Vancouver moms you’re the experts on this city. We want you to tell us about your favourite chocolate shop. Or, if you can’t pick just one, tell us about all of them! We’ll compile a list of your nominations, and then open it up to voting. Only one chocolate shop can earn the Best of Vancouver title, and we need your help to choose it!

Nominate Your Favourite Chocolate Shop for Best of Vancouver

Here’s how to nominate your favourite chocolate shop for our Best of Vancouver search:

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Now it’s time to get nominating! Tell us – where are your favourite chocolate shops in Vancouver?

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  • Chocolate Arts is definitely one of my favourite chocolate shops. They are innovative in their choice of ingredients in the chocolates and for the Hot Chocolate Festival they had the best hot chocolate: Coconut and lime!! Yum 🙂

  • I had the opportunity to visit Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Burnaby for a tour with my children last year. Charlie gave our group the tour. It was a magical experience for our children. I was also very interested to learn about how Charlie and his family have been involved in the international business of making chocolate and, more recently, promoting ethical chocolate harvesting. The chocolate they use is from Belgium. When you consider the quality of chocolate that they use, the wide variety of shapes and the charm of the store – it’s a favourite for us. My children still talk about their trip there.

  • Simply the Best in Steveston is so great! Their chocolates are fabulous! They have some very unique ones too & all hand made. They are extremely generous with samples too. They also offer chocolate & dessert making classes.

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