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Buy And Try Local BC Food Products This Spring

Buy And Try Local BC Food Products This Spring

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BC Buy Local is a campaign that supports and celebrates BC businesses’ contributions to our economy and communities. The campaign encourages consumers to shift a minimum of 1% of their spending to a local business or locally grown or made products. Additionally, their website states that if all consumers were to make a 1% shift towards local purchases, it would create 3,100 jobs and send $94M in wages to workers in British Columbia. Talk about making an impact!

B.C.-Made Food Products Campaign

One of the ways to offer support to local businesses is to buy from local shops. The other is to buy locally grown or made food products. In February 2022, BC Buy Local launched their B.C.-Made Food Products Campaign to encourage people to buy from the many food producers across Vancouver and B.C.

Why Buy Local?

When you buy and try local BC food products you:

  1. Discover new and interesting foods you may never have tried;
  2. Support local businesses and shops (many who have suffered a profit loss during the pandemic), and ;
  3. You help keep money in the local economy, which keeps our entire community healthy!

Supporting B.C.’s Food Economy

Did you know that there are over 17 thousand farms in BC? Many of them are family-owned, right here in the Lower Mainland. And according to LOCO BC (the company behind the BC Buy Local Campaign), food processors employ 1 in 40 of BC’s local workers. That’s a whole lot of food and a whole lot of jobs!

More than produce

The local food economy doesn’t stop at produce; it includes BC’s food and beverage industry and many gourmet and specialty foods. LOCO BC plans to highlight over 40 local food producers during their B.C.-Made Local Campaign. When you visit their website, you’ll be blown away by the many cool and unique local foods producers right in our very own backyard. 

Like, Susgrainable a Vancouver-based company that makes baking mixes with barley flour made from brewery spent grain. Or Brightside Foods, a company that makes convenient frozen vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Now more than ever, our local businesses need our support. Visit the BC Buy Local Campaign website to learn more about their many food partners. When you purchase local food products, you make a significant impact our communities.

This post is sponsored by LOCO

LOCO BC is the organization behind the BC Buy Local’s B.C.-Made Food Producer Campaign. They are a locally owned and operated organization that advocates for local businesses. LOCO BC helps support locally grown, owned and made products from BC. They educate people on how shopping local support our local communities.

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