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Dentist appointments can seem pretty intimidating to kids. There’s lots of tools and noises, and people are always talking about being afraid of the dentist. We chatted with Dr Karim Kanani from Smiletown Dentistry about the best way to prepare your child for their visit.

My phone pinged. Come to the beach tonight! Sunset + drum circle. I wish we could, I typed back. But we’re all exhausted. Another time! This small interaction was a real shift for me. You see, I am recovering from an affliction called Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). I’ve always been one to look over…

We have long adored our children’s wardrobes for their function, adorableness, and comfort. It was only a matter of time before we stole something for ourselves. Cue the mom romper!  The romper has come on strong this past year.  If you’ve tried one, you’ll know why.  The comfort level is off the charts and there…