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Guest post by Alison Tedford

National Indigenous People’s Day is coming up on June 21, and there are so many great ways to celebrate in the Lower Mainland. National Indigenous Peoples Day used to be known as National Aboriginal Day and the date was picked to line up with summer solstice. It was first announced in 1996 and was renamed in 2017. Metro Vancouver has always had vibrant celebrations on this day and this year is no exception.

Rose season has begun. Wild roses are bursting through fences and over trellises. Discover the plentiful and bountiful rose gardens of the Lower Mainland. Pick your favourites and snap family photos for keepsakes. Vancouver rose gardens UBC Rose Garden This is a lovely spot to picnic and the scenery is spectacular on a clear day….


What makes a campsite kid-friendly? The perfect campsite will vary from family to family, but in general, a campsite is great for young kids if it has a relatively safe waterfront, easy hikes, and nearby amenities such as laundry, showers and toilets. Here are a few great family friendly campsites within a short driving distance from Metro Vancouver.