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Best of Vancouver Newborn Photographers: Stu-di-o by Jeanie and Pure Light Studio

Best of Vancouver Newborn Photographers: Stu-di-o by Jeanie and Pure Light Studio

Best of Vancouver newborn photographers Jeanie Ow Morgaine Owens

August 27, 2018 Update: We’ve updated our Top Photographer List! View it here.
Best of Vancouver newborn photographers Jeanie Ow Morgaine Owens

Best of Vancouver Newborn Photographers: Finalists Nine and Ten

During February you submitted your nominations for the best of Vancouver newborn photographers. Newborn babies are magical, and those first photos of them are so precious. You want to make sure you’re trusting the right person to capture the perfect shot. Our judges reviewed all of your nominations, and narrowed it down to the top 10. Today we’re happy to tell you about our final two finalists, presented in no particular order.

Stu-di-o by Jeanie

Best of Vancouver newborn photographers stu-di-o by Jeanie Ow

Jeanie Ow is the photographer behind [stu-di-o] by jeanie, where life meets fine art photography. Jeanie is privileged and honoured to continue to capture life’s important milestones for many of her happy couples. She loves that she gets to witness the growth of so many beautiful families. From newborns a wee few days old to giggly toddlers trying out their legs, Jeanie captures all of your treasured moments in the comforts of your own home, thus ensuring that each photographic portrait is a unique one-of-a-kind art print that truly reflects you and your beautiful family.

Newborn sessions will take as long as they need to ensure that all of those special moments are documented with care, grace and detail. All of Jeanie’s families love how fun and relaxed they are during their sessions. Jeanie shares, “I love seeing how much of their parents are reflected in their tiny features, and I love getting to know each new little person with every stretch and yawn. Baby sessions are my favourite because time stands still, just for that moment.”

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Pure Light Studio

best of vancouver newborn photographers pure light studio morgaine owens

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Morgaine Owens of Pure Light Studios says, “Welcoming a new soul into the world… being one of the first to greet them… is about as close as I can get to the ecstasy of the birth of my son. How I felt when I first held him. How I try to watch every day unfold before me with the same clarity and wonder as those first few days together. He reminds me every day of the wonder of newness… of remaining connected to the pure rapture of existence. It is one of the truest delights in my life.”

Morgaine says she’s grateful for each and every family that visits her studio. She loves capturing the exhausted, joyful looks on their faces, and the bliss that she gets to feel in those moments. Each new life is a beautiful, living work of art. They reflect our deepest capacity to love and our heart’s greatest purpose. Morgaine strives to create newborn images that hold these amazing qualities in each frame along with the small details of ‘newness’ that are gone so quickly. Each collection is drawn from the pure love that is experienced in those first days together and will speak directly to the heart for years to come. She mostly shoots from her in-home natural light studio, but also travel to client’s homes when needed. She accepts a limited number of Newborn Beloved Sessions each month, which are pre-booked according to the approximate due date, and sessions happen within the first 10 days of birth. I accept last minute bookings based on my availability.

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We’ve shared our ten finalists for the best of Vancouver newborn photographers. Stay tuned for your chance to vote on your top pick!

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  • Good luck Jeanie! You have a great eye for creative and unique shots so I can just imagine all the lovely and unique baby shots you deliver!

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