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How to Take Show-Stopping Flower Festival Vancouver Photos

How to Take Show-Stopping Flower Festival Vancouver Photos

A woman holding a sunflower

Flower festival season is in full swing, photos from across the Lower Mainland are filling up my Instagram feed, and I am not complaining one bit. I love seeing how creative everyone is with their images, using different angles, depths of field and going at different times of the day.

While it seems like most people go to the festivals for the picture perfect Instagram photo (It’s me, I do this!), don’t forget to put the phone away for a while and take in the beauty without your lens. It’s one of the most relaxing places, full of wonderful fresh floral smells and each festival has something else unique to offer.

I’ve put together these images to use for inspiration for your own Instagram feed. Add your own creative flare and have fun getting creative in the flowers.

5 Creative Flower Festival Photo Ideas 

1.  Action Shot 

Cultus Lake Flower Festival

Add some movement in the frame by spinning, running or tossing florals like @esh_kay did in this gorgeous shot.

2. Depth of Field

Play around with the depth of field on portrait mode on your iPhone or with your DSLR like @emilypeterphotography did with this shot. The lower your f-stop, the more depth will be created, on newer iPhone’s you can even adjust the f-stop on portrait mode after the image has been taken.

3. High + Low Angles

High angle photo of @katusha_co in a sunflower field.

Think outside the box from a straight on shot. Have your subject crouch down to the level of the flowers or you can crouch down and get low to create a more dramatic effect. 
This image by @katusha_co and captures all the beautiful blooms and her own beauty all in one.

4. Candid Captures

Candid photo of Codi Lyn at the Cultus Lake Flower Festival.

It’s not always about perfectly posed images; have your friend or partner grab some candid shots as you explore. It’s always fun to see these images later when you didn’t notice they were happening. This shot of me and my daughters was taken by @fourthwestphotography.

5. Golden Hour

Golden Hour photo of sunflower
Photo credit: @creativecodilynn

Golden hour is where the magic happens. Not all of the flower festivals are open during golden hour so make sure to check their hours first. Make sure to go early to plan out where you want to capture your shot as the sun sets and start getting creative with how the sun shines through the blooms.

Tag @vancouver_mom so that we can see what you start creating.

About the Author: Codi Lynn is a lifestyle motherhood blogger located in BC’s Fraser Valley. She has a passion for supporting local and sharing the best of the Valley as she explores with her family.

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