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5 ways you can better care of yourself and your family in the new year

5 ways you can better care of yourself and your family in the new year

With the new year fast approaching (plus busy days currently running us ragged), it’s important for us all to pause and think about how we want to take better care of ourselves moving forward into 2017. How do we want to make some small changes that add up to BIG improvements in our wellbeing, both body and mind? To help us all get started, we put together five simple yet powerful suggestions centred around natural health, in conjunction with the North Shore’s Restoration Health Clinic.

Consult a Naturopathic Physician

Whether you’re dealing with acute or chronic health issues or just want to improve your overall health, a visit to a naturopathic physician can offer you a new approach to making some changes to your health regimen. Naturopathic doctors treat patients using research-based natural and integrative medicine.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing art and holistic system for maintaining and promoting health.  The goal of this treatment is to target specific organs and body functions through the manipulation of specific acupuncture points. It can help treat everything from PMS and fertility issues to anxiety and depression.

Well child check-ups for your kids

Make sure your child is growing and off to the best possible start by bringing her in for regular well child check-ups. Learn about optimal nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and have any concerns addressed as they arise so that over the longterm, your healthy child can grow into a healthy adult.

Food sensitivity diagnosis

Identify which, if any, foods you are sensitive to, because this can greatly affect everything from your hormones to your skin. Ask for a full review of your medical and family history, and opt for blood tests, or Vega, electrodermal testing, food elimination, and/or oral food challenges to find and treat the cause of your food intolerances.

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Balance your hormones

Whether it’s PMS, perimenopause, thyroid issues or insomnia, your hormones can be the culprit and cure for a host of issues. Having your hormones tested and then balanced can be life changing.

This post is sponsored by Restoration Health Clinic, one of our Community Builders

Restoration Health Clinic’s mission is to provide primary care naturopathic medicine to women and their families. Through specialized diagnosis and treatment using cutting edge, research-based, and traditional, grassroots natural methods, they promote wellness.

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