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My First Glass Therapy Facial at Vancouver’s Largest Aesthetics Clinic

My First Glass Therapy Facial at Vancouver’s Largest Aesthetics Clinic

The hustle and bustle of it all has been exhausting, especially as a mother. To all the moms out there, it’s time to unplug and treat ourselves in the new year. After all, everyone needs a break to refuel, recharge, and jump back in full throttle! 

With the start of the new year, my self-care sessions have taken a backseat, and I’m starting to feel its effects. 

I came across glowing reviews for Vancouver’s largest aesthetics centre, Vancouver Laser. People especially raved about their team of doctors who administer Botox® and Fillers. This past Christmas, I decided to give one of their facials a try as a gift to myself.

Complimentary Child Minding Services

But as a mom, taking even an hour off for a facial can be a headache. Surprisingly, Vancouver Laser has a childcare centre just for mothers! Could it be the only beauty clinic in Vancouver that offers this? If so, this needs to become more of a trend.

Glass Therapy Facial

The front desk of the Vancouver Laser & Spa to get one of the services such as a facial

The moment I arrived, the serene ambiance of the clinic put me at ease. The team of receptionists welcomed me with warmth and prepared me for my Glass Therapy facial. 

How does Glass Therapy Facial Work?

Glass Therapy is known as the “needle-less” version of Introfill or NCTF HA boost treatment. It is a hydrating treatment that deeply penetrates the skin to combat dehydration, fine lines and dullness of the face. For maximum effect, you can do this alongside Thermage, Ultherapy, or even Hydrafacial! 

The winter season can be extremely drying, which is exactly why we all need a Glass Therapy facial. The luxurious facial is able to penetrate variations of hydrating molecules into the skin, which smoothes, plumps, and firms the skin. 

Most treatments have a high molecular weight, which makes it difficult for the skin to absorb, causing it to sit on top of the skin. 

Glass Therapy is able to help lock in hydration and prevent trans epidermal water loss. By providing essential hydrating ingredients to skin cells, it is able to boost the skin barrier function and calm inflammation.

The 7 Step Process

Gentle Cleansing

The Vancouver Mom getting ready to get her facial done.

The treatment begins with a gentle cleansing ritual. My tech treated my skin with care while she cleaned my skin and prepared it for the facial.

Double Cleanse

A deep clean is done before the initial glass therapy facial

My tech gave my skin a second cleanse to achieve a deep clean.

Double cleansing has long been practiced in Korea — and remains the backbone of many K-beauty skincare routines. Dermatologists swear by double cleansing because the second cleanse helps take care of the stuff you might not see with the naked eye, like pollutants and debris.

Specialized Hydrogel

The facial starts with a hydrogel

The hydration gel is carefully applied by my tech. The hydrating molecules are deeply penetrated and locked into the skin to provide long-lasting moisture and protection from environmental irritants.

Lock in the Moisture

During the facial the technician will then add a mask to lock in the moisture on your face

A warm compress method is performed to soften the skin and ensure the deepest possible penetration while improving blood circulation.

Targeted Hydration

A second application of the Molecular Polysaccharides is applied to target extreme dry areas that have already absorbed the treatment and need more hydration. This level of hydration will also assist in redness, inflammation, and repairing of the skin.

Double Masking

To seal in the moisture, another face mask is applied on top.

Tissue Microclysmic Hydrogel

A lady lying a table getting a Glass therapy facial with a hydrogel

Finally, a medical-grade hydrogel is applied to further promote skin repair and enhance all the benefits of the Glass Therapy facial.

My Honest Opinion on Glass Therapy Facial

Looking at the mirror after getting glass therapy facial

From start to finish, the experience I had at Vancouver Laser was luxurious and rejuvenating. The extensive steps of the treatment delivered results, and my skin felt dewy and refreshed when I walked out the door. The team of staff at Vancouver Laser was also professional and welcoming. All in all, my 50-minute session was a blissful escape that all moms deserve.

Would I Come Back for More?

For maximum results, my tech recommended a series of 10 Glass Therapy facials spaced 1 – 3 days apart. I could pair this with Ultherapy or Thermage for a skin tightening effect as well. Hydrafacial, Beyonce and Kate Winslet’s favourite facial treatment, is also a great alternative to Glass Therapy. 

Moms, if you’re in need of a break or skincare boost, I highly recommend Glass Therapy at Vancouver Laser! As a Vancouver mom myself, I can attest that this facial is not just a luxury; it’s a rejuvenating experience that every busy woman deserves. This holiday season, don’t neglect self-care and put yourself first!

Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre specializes in non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatments tailored to your unique skin needs. Their skilled team offer cutting-edge treatments in aesthetics, anti-aging, and wellness education. Their goal is to help you achieve a natural glow and leave you feeling fresh, radiant, and confident.

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