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Your home. Your family. Your life: Sponsored

Your home. Your family. Your life: Sponsored

By Wayne Leacock

It can take time before you find that perfect house – a place you can call home. But when you find it, it’ll be worth the wait. It’s also a time full of choices – paint colours, window coverings, furniture and at home
Did you know you also have choices when it comes to protecting the people in your home if you become seriously ill or die unexpectedly? Mortgage protection is an important part of owning a home and it’s important to have the right solution for you and your family.

There are a few different mortgage protection options available to you:

  • Critical illness insurance – helps you focus on recovering from a serious illness by giving you a lump-sum payment you can use for medical expenses, mortgage payments or for any other way you see fit.
  • Term life insurance – gives you affordable, flexible protection that your loved ones could use to pay off your mortgage or other expenses, if you die unexpectedly.
  • Both critical illness insurance AND term life insurance – gives you and your loved ones the right protection when you need it most.

Whatever option you choose, you can be confident knowing that you’re covered. It’s a feeling you can carry with you – just like the keys to your new home.

Your home is a big investment – maybe the biggest one you’ll ever make. It’s imperative to have a plan in place that not only protects your home but you and your family as well.

About the Author – Wayne Fitzroy Leacock

wayneWayne is a financial advisor with experience working for companies such as Investor Group, Fidelity Investments and Sun Life Financial. During his career of over 10 years he has helped many Canadians realize their dream of financial freedom. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys reading, travelling and maintaining a regular mediation practice.

He can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 416-366-8771 ext. 2331

Follow him on Twitter @waynetheplanner or on his Facebook group The Urban Planner

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