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Ultimate Frisbee: Positive Play for Kids

Ultimate Frisbee: Positive Play for Kids

As the summer approaches, parents are on the lookout for engaging activities to keep their kids active and entertained. One exciting option that is gaining popularity is Ultimate Frisbee summer camps. These camps not only provide a fun and dynamic environment for kids to play, but they also offer valuable opportunities for skill-building and personal development.

Read on to see how Elevate Ultimate teaches kids more than just regular sports skills.

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Why Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is more than just a game; it’s a community. It’s perfect for kids who:

  • Crave team sports but don’t enjoy traditional school options: Ultimate offers a fresh and exciting alternative to common sports like soccer or basketball.
  • Haven’t found the right sport yet: Ultimate is great for kids who are exploring different sports to find their passion.
  • Need a confidence boost and teamwork experience: The sport emphasizes collaboration and positive interactions, making it ideal for building self-esteem.
  • Prefer non-aggressive and inclusive sports: Ultimate Frisbee’s emphasis on fair play and sportsmanship makes it welcoming for all kids.
  • Are athletic but don’t want a high-pressure environment: Ultimate provides a space where kids can enjoy being active without the intense competition.
  • Feel excluded by traditional sports due to size or skill level: Whether they’re not tall enough for basketball or not massive enough for football, Ultimate Frisbee is inclusive and welcoming.
  • Especially girls aged 10-14: This age group often faces a drop in body confidence. Ultimate Frisbee helps them stay active and build confidence in a supportive setting.

What Parents Are Saying

Two boys playing Ultimate Frisbee

They conducted a survey, and parents had incredible things to say about their experiences with Elevate Ultimate. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with parents sharing heartfelt stories about how the camp has impacted their children. Here are some testimonials:

One parent, Sarah, shared how her son, Tim, always felt left out in traditional sports due to his smaller stature. “Tim was never the biggest kid on the soccer field or the tallest on the basketball court. He often felt overshadowed and discouraged,” she said. “But at Elevate Ultimate, he found a sport where size didn’t matter as much as teamwork and spirit. He’s become more confident and has made so many friends.”

Another parent, Mark, mentioned his daughter Emma, who had struggled with body confidence, especially as she entered her teenage years. “Emma wasn’t very interested in sports because she felt she didn’t fit the mold of a ‘typical’ athlete. But Elevate Ultimate changed that for her. The supportive and positive environment helped her see that she could be athletic and enjoy sports without the pressure to be the best. She’s happier, more active, and her self-esteem has soared.”

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Why Choose Ultimate Frisbee Camps

Elevate Ultimate Weekly Programs and Camps.
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During these camps, kids will have the chance to learn from experienced coaches who are passionate about the sport. They will participate in skill-building drills, scrimmages, and team-building exercises that will help them develop their throwing, catching, and decision-making abilities. Additionally, the camps often incorporate elements of sportsmanship, communication, and leadership, which can have a positive impact on the overall development of the participants.

Beyond the athletic benefits, Ultimate Frisbee summer camps provide a fun and social environment for kids to make new friends and create lasting memories. The camp setting encourages teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of community, which can be especially valuable for children who may be shy or hesitant to try new activities.

This Post is Sponsored by Elevate Ultimate

Elevate Ultimate teaches ultimate frisbee and disc golf to over 10,000 kids across Canada each year. Our certified and friendly coaches are experts at making sure each child feels included and is having fun. Kids in our programs walk away not only with better disc skills, but with a better understanding of teamwork, fair play, and conflict resolution.

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