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Elevate Ultimate Vancouver: Why Ultimate and why now?

Elevate Ultimate Vancouver: Why Ultimate and why now?

Ultimate changed my life many times over. I only began to grow as a person because I was playing ultimate. And while my journey with it has had ups and downs, I’m only the person I am now, because of it.”

Clayton Cheung- Coach, Player, and Regional Manage

Coach Clayton is just one of the many stories Elevate Ultimate has inspired. As a company, Elevate’s mission is to grow the sport, one disc at a time. Founded in 2016 by Team Canada players Danie Proby and Ari Nitikman, Elevate Ultimate is a company that specializes in creating training programs for popular disc sports. It has grown in leaps and bounds in recent months; from signing up 10,000+ athletes through its various programs to winning the BC Small Business Award. But more than these accolades, what defines Elevate is their purpose to impart values to kids that they can carry off the field. 

Here are some stories from the Elevate team, that show how the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is more than just a sport.

kids and adults posing for a photo
Photo Credit: Elevate Ultimate

Why Ultimate Frisbee is More Than Just a Sport

Elevate’s Co-founder Danie Proby came from a background of competitive volleyball and basketball and was used to always “hating” the opponent. When she discovered ultimate, she joined a community that was the perfect balance of competitive and friendly play. In her words:

You can find whatever level you need from ultimate, whether it’s barefoot on the beach with your homies or at world championships with people training day in and day out working towards winning.

Danie Proby- Elevate Ultimate Co-Founder

Fuelled by the founders’ drive and the team’s support, Elevate aims to improve kids’ lives physically, mentally, and spiritually every time they step onto the field. Elevate’s core values are Fun, Respect, Accountability, Purpose-Driven, and Inclusive (Yes, it’s a FRAPI-ccino). 

But the team has their work cut out for them. Niche sports like Ultimate face other challenges, especially the need to educate people. Ultimate, especially, has been one-too-many times called a “not a sport.” 

However, the barrier to entry to the sport is quite low, as we recently shared

Our programs are for beginners all the way to elite athletes. We provide Ultimate Frisbee training for anyone who wants to gain confidence in their throws, cuts, and defense,” says the team. “Our elite coaching staff want to help improve athletes’ fundamentals, fitness, and overall strategy to get them ready to compete at their best.

Elevate Ultimate Team

The team truly believes that the world needs the sport right now. As the world deals with this pandemic and its remnants, we need sports that allow us to get outside with minimal equipment and have fun in a safe environment. 

Co-founder Danie sums it up perfectly:

People are disconnected and lonely, now more than ever. Ultimate can be such a powerful tool to bring people together and to make people feel welcome. The sport itself teaches so many important life skills and with this tool, we can do incredible things. Ultimate makes people feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves, it’s pretty special.

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Danie Proby- Co-Founder Elevate Ultimate
Elevate Ultimate Vancouver Frisbee.
Photo Credit: Elevate Ultimate

If you’re looking to dip your cleated toes into Ultimate, we suggest signing up for a summer camp that welcomes kids ages 4- 19 and of all experience levels. 

Or if you’re not ready to jump in yet, follow us on Instagram to see for yourself why this amazing sport has taken off.

We hope to see you on the field soon! 

This Post was written and Sponsored by Elevate Ultimate.

Elevate Ultimate offers a variety of programs and camps for kids ages 4- 19 and of all experience levels. Check out their website to see what works best for you! Or if you’re not ready to jump in yet, follow them on Instagram. You’ll impress fellow parents with all your sudden Ultimate Frisbee knowledge. 

They hope to see you on the field soon! 

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