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The Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology (VISST) – The Future Belongs to Science

The Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology (VISST) – The Future Belongs to Science

You only have to do a quick search on the internet to see that kids today are doing some amazing things! Young teens have recently made spectacular contributions to the medical field and the environment even though they haven’t graduated high school yet. Science holds the keys to the future, and The Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology is a great way to get kids ages 9-17 excited about STEM.

A picture of three motorized lego machines sitting on a shelf.
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Unique Curriculum

Looking for summer camps? Register for their classes, and students will receive a top-notch summer education. Not only does VISST offer topics not available in regular school, but award-winning instructors teach the curriculum. Their instructors are UBC professors, PhDs, and professional engineers, all with degrees from Harvard, MIT, UBC, and more.

With 1-2 instructors per camp and lots of support from helpful teaching assistants, students will have easy access to equipment and the answers they need.

Graphic of purple and green dots on various sizes. With strings of electricity moving from the center to outward.
Photo credit: VISST

Camp Offerings

Coding for Robotics: In this introductory maker camp, you will use Lego Mindstorms with Lego’s NXT-G programming environment to program a robot that performs various tasks.

Machine Learning, Demystified: This camp is designed — by a UBC computer science professor with a Ph.D. from Harvard’s machine learning lab — to introduce you to the world of machine learning.

Electricity, from Frogs to iPhones: In this camp, you’ll build your own battery and electric motor (and more) from scratch and take them home at the end!

Puzzle Programming: Taught by a UBC computer science professor, in this camp, you’ll learn how to create puzzle games using PuzzleScript. Everything we’ll make is visual, creative, and playable from day one!

Bridges, from Design to Prototype: You’ll be the engineer in a competition to build a high-performing bridge in this camp. But leave the popsicle sticks at home this time; we’ll be working like real engineers with real materials.

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How to get Started

All summer camps are found at their centrally-located and light-filled facility at 1490 W Broadway. Register today and to start building a better future.

This Post is Sponsored by VISST

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The Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology (VISST) is
Vancouver’s first and only STEM high school. Founded by a UBC professor and an
education entrepreneur, VISST brings a thoughtful focus on 21st century science and
technology skills with a curriculum designed and communicated so that students care.

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