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Treat Yourself: Brow-zing in Kitsilano

Since becoming a mother my priorities have changed. As a result, some things have fallen through the cracks. Thankfully for me (and for my husband who is probably the person who has to look me in the eye the most), Bombay Brow Bar has recently opened a new location in Kits. This might be just what I need to move brow maintenance up a little higher on my mommy priority list, get a little pampering and keep that perfect eyebrow shape.

Once nap time hit at my house on a recent Saturday afternoon, I made a bee-line to West 4th and took my chances with getting a walk-in appointment at Bombay Brow Bar.  Their next available opening was in 20 minutes, which gave me a chance to get to the bank, slip into a few stores and even grab a quick lunch. Mama’s gotta multi-task when the opportunity hits to be on 4th child-free.

Treat Yourself

My session started with a quick brow cleaning and a consultation about my desired eyebrow shape.  I was more than happy to give control over to the experts on this one, since (let’s be honest) I really hadn’t been doing a great job myself up to this point and brow shaping has never been a particularly strong skill of mine.

I was given the choice of three eyebrow-shaping methods: tweezing, waxing and threading.  I had never experienced threading before so decided to give it a try.  I found it no more or less painful than tweezing or waxing, but in my view, the results were way better.  As I soon found out, threading is more efficient than tweezing and much more precise than waxing.  My treatment ended with a brow massage and brow make-up application.

treat yourself at bombay brow barGetting the Right Eyebrow Shape

I’ve got to admit, I left there feeling pretty great. Not only was it a really pleasant experience from start to finish, but I’m really pleased with the results. My brow expert definitely knew what she was doing and had an eye for creating the right eyebrow shape. I’m pretty impressed. And given these results, I’m actually motivated to keep it up and not let my brows get out of control again.

My Verdict

While this brow shaping service is certainly not a bargain, I think the old adage “you get what you pay for” probably applies here. Personally, if the alternative is to spend less for a job I’m disappointed with, I’d much rather shell out $23 plus tip for the Bombshell Brow service every three or four weeks (the recommended time between services I was told) and get brows that look amazing. Plus, every mom can use a little pampering.

Bombay Brow Bar’s new Kitsilano location is at 2206 West 4th Avenue, just west of Yew Street.

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