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Leading Moms: World Hip Hop Mom Rocks the Mic

Leading Moms: World Hip Hop Mom Rocks the Mic

On October 3, 2012 teamed up with our friends at Modern Mama and Entrepreneur Mom Now Vancouver to present Leading Moms. The day was full of inspiration, as we highlighted moms who are difference-makers in a variety of fields, from fashion to politics to business to the arts to science, and a whole lot more. We were treated to talks, videos, musical performances and a fashion show. We ate breakfast inside the H.R. MacMillan Science Centre, and we ate lunch outside in the sunshine. We were energized and motivated by the whole experience.

Videos from Leading Moms

If you weren’t able to make it to Leading Moms, we’d like to share some of the day with you to give you a taste of what happened. We think it will convince you to attend the next event, for sure. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a video every other week. Check back regularly to re-live the most inspiring moments of the day, or to see it for the first time. If you haven’t seen them, you’ll want to check out our other videos:

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World Hip Hop Mom Monica Morong

Monica Morong – better known as World Hip Hop Mom – is a conscious mom rapper on a mission to make mainstream music more meaningful for our youth. Our kids are strongly influenced by what they hear on the radio and listen to online, so Monica is re-writing popular rap songs and uploading her remakes to YouTube. In the process she’s shedding light on how absurd and meaningless some songs truly are. Her goal is to produce trendy and uplifting songs that appeal to young people and move them to want to do good in the world. And she rocked the mic at Leading Moms wearing heels and visibly pregnant. Now that’s what we call impressive.

Happy watching!

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