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Five Favourites: Social Apps for Moms

Five Favourites: Social Apps for Moms

Here at we’re all about being social. We’re constantly looking for new ways to connect with other moms, help moms connect with each other, and help moms connect with their own neighbourhoods. It should come as no surprise, then, that our Publisher Christine Pilkington is working on a new social app for moms called JellyBeen. While we’re working on that, we thought we’d share our five favourite social apps for moms that you can download and use today.

social apps for moms

Five Social Apps for Moms

1. Facebook

Okay, okay, we get it. You already know all about Facebook, you don’t need us to tell you about it. Even so, Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world for a reason. With more than 1.2 billion users – 19 million of them here in Canada – the odds are good not only that you use Facebook, but that most of your friends and family do, too. Facebook is where to connect with other moms, with your own mom, with businesses you love, and with your high school BFF. With free apps for pretty much every smart phone and tablet going, and the ability to share status updates, photos, video and more, Facebook easily tops our list of social apps for moms. And when you’re there, be sure to follow us!

2. Goodreads

Goodreads is a great social networking site that allows you find great books and share your thoughts with your friends and family. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect beach reads this summer, something to really sink your teeth into, or even books for your kids, Goodreads has you covered. With free apps for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, you can even take it with you on the go, to help you make a good decision in that airport bookstore. Goodreads tops our list of social apps for moms who want a little time for themselves to escape into a good book. As we head towards Mother’s Day, why not download it, find some good reads of your own, and do something for yourself?

3. Pinterest

If you’re a Pinterest user, you’re familiar with just how absorbing this app can be. Whether you’re accessing it on a web browser, or on your phone or tablet, you can easily lose yourself in all the pretty pictures and top-notch tips your friends share. Find kid-friendly recipes, gather ideas for decorating your nursery, get inspired by the DIY projects, or look for toy storage solutions. Pinterest has now integrated Foursquare into boards, so you can map out your favourite local resources as well. In fact, we’re on Pinterest and we have boards for different Vancouver neighbourhoods. Pinterest is the perfect combination of social sharing and inspiration, and we love it.

4. Artkive

If you have a school-aged (or preschool-aged) child you know just how many art projects can come home. Each one is precious, no doubt about it. At the same time, how much paper can one mom really store? Artkive offers a simple solution. This free app is available for Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. It allows you to take photos of your kids’ artwork and tag them with their name, grade, date and title. Then you can share the artwork with family and friends, or even order a book or other products. You don’t have to limit yourself to art, either – you can Artkive schoolwork, report cards and so on. In the world of social apps for moms, Artkive stands out.

5. Instagram

We’ve talked about Instagram before. This free photo app for iPhone and Android allows you to easily take, edit and share photos with your friends and family. It connects with other social apps for moms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. If you’re documenting your children’s lives on the go, Instagram is a great tool. There are also lots of social memes, from #tbt (Throwback Thursday) to their Weekend Hashtag Project. You can follow your friends and family and see what they’re up to, as well. And with new updates, you can share photos with a specific user, if you don’t want your image to go out to the whole Internet.

What about you – what are your favourite social apps for moms? And don’t forget to sign up at to get JellyBeen first!

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  • Hi VA moms – my family may be moving up there soon from the US and I’m looking to connect with online mom groups in VA that can help me in my research for schools (public? Kitsilano? Point Gray?). In LA we have some very active yahoo groups for moms, and I haven’t been able to find the VA counterpart. Does it exist? THANK YOU!

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