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You’re smart, but what about your home?

You’re smart, but what about your home?

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We know you’re tech-savvy. And you likely have a smartphone, tablet, and maybe even a smart(ish) car, but how smart is your home? Are you blowing energy out the door due to old systems and bygone technology? New technology is making it easier to up your home’s IQ. And the smarter your home, the more you help the environment AND save on your hydro bill.

Smart home technology refers to programmable thermostats, smart plugs, and smart lighting controls to smoke alarms and security all connected to your iPhone and iPad. The future is here!

Here are ways to save money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable using smart home technology.

Start with a smart hub

To make your home as smart as you, you need a smart hub. Advances in home technology today are all about automation: enabling devices and products to turn on, turn off, or adjust based on pre-determined schedules and settings, rather than by the manual flick of a switch. A smart hub, such as WINK connects to your mobile phone or tablet using an app.

Get programmable thermostats and lighting

Most homes nowadays have a programmable thermostat, which makes managing heating and cooling costs a snap when you can program a schedule once and forget it. Nowadays, some thermostats can even learn your schedule leading to even more savings. Talk about clever.

Automate your safety and security

Many of us leave lights on, the television blaring, or music playing when we leave the house, to simulate occupants and discourage break-ins but all this really amounts to is a waste of energy and you’re not fooling anyone. Thankfully, some of the biggest advances in home automation these days are focused on safety and security. Think high-tech security cameras, smart alarms, fire detectors all connected to your phone so you can turn them off with the tap of your finger.

PS: BC Hydro has partnered with participating retailers to offer deals and rebates on Energy Star products.

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This post was sponsored by BC Hydro

BC Hydro is a public utility provider in clean energy – Electricity. provides many levels of education for residents, business, and schools, as well as free tools and rewards for power saving achievements through your residential online account (within the portal).


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