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Best of Vancouver: Vote on Kids Haircuts

Best of Vancouver: Vote on Kids Haircuts

Kids Haircuts - Best of Vancouver

Those first kids haircuts are a rite of passage for many families. Babies and toddlers suddenly look much older once their curls are all cut off. Many of us choose to mark the occasion by saving a lock of hair, taking before-and-after photos or even shooting a video of the stylist in action. The children themselves are not immune to the hoopla, either. Some of them are excited and love having their hair cut, others dissolve into tears at the very idea. Clearly, that first kids haircut is a big hairy deal.

We’re sorry – we just couldn’t resist the pun.

Where to get Kids Haircuts in Vancouver

Since that first cut is such a milestone, you want to choose the place it happens with care. Salons that cater to kids may be more understanding if your little one has a hard time sitting still, and many parents love them. Still others swear by their own stylist, or find that cutting their little one’s hair themselves gives the best results. With time and experience you’ll undoubtedly find the best solution for you. Until you have a few kids haircuts under your belt, though, we’re here to help.

Crying Child Best of Vancouver Kids HaircutsWe surveyed our contributors and our friends on Facebook and Twitter, and asked them to give us their favourite spots for kids haircuts in and around Vancouver that won’t leave you (or your kids) crying. Now we want your help in narrowing down the top spot to get your children’s hair cut in the city. Vote for your top pick in the comments section before the end of the day on Tuesday, October 4. We’ll compile the results and share the very best of Vancouver kids haircuts in a post that will run in mid-October.

The Contenders for Best of Vancouver Kids Haircuts

  • Chop Shop – With locations on Granville Street and Commercial Drive, even kids can rock out at Vancouver’s original rock n’ roll hair shop.
  • ‘Fin’tastic’s Cuts for Kids – Located at 101-15905 Fraser Highway, this salon caters to kids of all ages, offering video games for their older customers.
  • Great Clips – With locations across Metro Vancouver, this salon doesn’t cater to kids specifically, but they are affordable and quick with customers of all ages.
  • The Hairloft – Located on Granville Island, they offer kids haircuts, as well as ear piercing and princess spa services, including makeovers.
  • Home – Many parents have found that the quickest, easiest and cheapest cut is the one that you (or a friend or relative) do in your own kitchen. We’ll just cross our fingers that your kids haven’t done it themselves using their safety scissors!
  • Magicuts – Find them at locations all across Vancouver. They’re not a kids salon, but they are great with their youngest clientele.
  • Melonhead – Located at 2962 West Broadway in Vancouver, this was our number one response from our friends on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Sparky’z Kutz for Kidz – Located at Lonsdale Quay, Lansdowne Mall, Brentwood Mall and Coquitlam Centre, this salon caters to kids, as the name implies.
  • Your Salon – You’ve been going to the same place for your own haircuts for years, you’ve built a relationship, and you see no reason to take your kids elsewhere. Many moms find that the best kids haircuts happen at the same place as the best grown-up haircuts.


You’ve read our picks, now vote for your favourite from our list by leaving a comment on this post before the end of the day on October 4, 2011. We want to hear from you!

*Photo credit – B, K & G on Flickr

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  • The Hairloft is awesome. My son used to cry bloody murder when it was time for his haircut. Kat is great and now he’s used to her and there are no more tears.She’s quick and detail oriented. Plus, she’s great with kids. I recommend this place to any parents who have tried other places that were not right for their kids.

  • My experience is that Hairloft and Melonheads are hacks. Yes, your child will be entertained by the car to sit in and cartoons which makes life easier, but they apparently each only have one hairstyle for boys under 5 no matter what you ask for and it is from the early 90s. Same ugly haircut 4 times in a row from Melonheads means I won’t go back and the level of ugly the Hairloft created on my son’s head means they don’t even get a second visit. Maybe they are better at girls, but I would not reccomend either for little boys. (although my son LOVES the coloured hairspray at Melonheads and they give a free horsey ride with a cut which is very cool). I want to like them because my son does, but they need better training for their stylists to bring them into 2011.

  • I’ve been to the Hairloft and Melonhead…I was not at all impressed with the Hairloft, she was quick, but not good and not attentive and used clippers without asking if he was alright with them (which he wasn’t). The girls at Melonhead I found to be quick attentive and worked well with my son, even though he was being a little temermental.

  • I haven’t tried the other nominees but I’ll be watching the comments for parents who found someone who can do a modern stylish cut (other than a fauxhawk) on a young boy as I’m still looking. His last cut was at On the Fringe and it was pretty good.

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