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Summer fun: Sign your teen up for a Friday night cooking class at Little Kitchen Academy!

Summer fun: Sign your teen up for a Friday night cooking class at Little Kitchen Academy!

Things we know about teens: They like to hang out with peers, stay up late and they love to eat! Screens may beckon and COVID-19 may keep kids apart, but teens still need IRL socialization, independence and something constructive do with their time.

Enter a super chill cooking program for teens. Late Nights at Little Kitchen Academy runs on Friday nights from 7:30 pm to 10 pm and has teens creating a family meal as a group – from organizing their work station, to preparing and selecting all ingredients, to cooking the actual meal.

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What will teens learn at LKA Late Nights?

Teens will learn:

  • valuable information about nutrition, recycling and composting practices, eating locally, organically, and how our choices affect the environment and our planet.
  • how to safely handle kitchen equipment to increase their independence at home.
  • how to tweak recipes and create truly amazing meals they can recreate at home with family and friends. (Can we here a hell ya?!)
  • essential life skills they can take with them after they graduate – such as how to responsibly stock a fridge (ie: more fresh ingredients and less pop and ready-made snacks.)
  • practical skills such as what to do with a can of black beans or how to cook with the seasoning.
  • how to stay safe and protect themselves in the kitchen including proper hand-washing, sanitizing and cleaning workstations, and staying physically distant.

These late night classes have grown up appeal and take place in a wonderful, relaxed social environment that makes it easy to make new friends.

At the end of the night, although students will not be setting and gathering around the community table made from 33,346 recycled chopsticks, they will be setting their physically distanced prep areas to enjoy the delicious meal they created together.

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>> Sign up for LKA Late Nights for teens 13 +

This post is sponsored by Little Kitchen Academy

Encouraging children and teenagers to take a mindful and sustainable approach to food preparation is the driving force behind Little Kitchen Academy. We are changing lives from scratch and people are taking notice!

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