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VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A with Shoreline Studios

VM Picks: Spring Break Camps for Kids: Q&A with Shoreline Studios

Looking for a creative Spring Break camp? One that keeps the kid’s brains or bodies engaged? We connected with the friendly crew at Shoreline Studios about their Spring Break Camp called Crafting the Actor. If you’ve got a budding performer in your house, this is the camp for you!

Give us a Brief Description of Your Camp

Our week-long acting camps are designed to teach kids and teens how to become working actors in film and tv. Students will work with different instructors throughout the course and learn all the tips and tricks to working the camera and building strong, unique characters. Our goal is to help young performers explore their creative imaginations and build their confidence!

What Makes Your Summer Camp Unique?

3 girls at a studio learning acting classes at Shoreline Studios
Photo Credit: Shoreline Studios

Discover the transformative power of acting beyond the screen at our workshops! Gain confidence and valuable life skills while honing your craft with our team of passionate working actors. Our camps welcome performers of all levels, whether you’re new to acting or looking to enhance your skills. We offer a variety of techniques tailored to your unique learning style, ensuring progress in just a week. With small class sizes, you’ll receive personalized attention and ample time to work. All on-camera work will be shared privately, allowing you to track your progress. Join us for a fun and supportive environment where you can unleash your creativity and achieve your goals!

What Will Kids Learn at Your Camp?

a group of kids being taught acting at Shoreline studios
Photo Credit: Shoreline Studios

Performers will learn what it takes to be a working actor in the film and television industry. It’s a jam-packed week; we’ll be diving into improvisation, camera technique, scene study, voice-over, body & movement, auditioning, the business, and more! Beyond that, with any of our classes, our goal is to encourage students to feel free in their exploration and know that there’s no wrong in trying. Through our exercises, we will focus on understanding human behavior so that we can become more compassionate artists.

What are 2 highlights of your camp, something the kids will talk about after camp is over?

Photo Credit: Shoreline Studios

“I’ve always wanted to begin acting but never knew where to start. Shoreline provided me with everything I needed to know and learn about the industry. The kind and incredibly helpful staff was always open to answer my questions and helped push me to be the best I could be.” – Diya D. | Student

“Our son Lukas did a week of Summer Acting Camp and not only did he have a great experience, so did we as parents. The staff gave me lots of detailed information and advice on acting and casting involving children. We were very impressed with the generous and friendly service we received. Thank you!” – Marian DG | Parent

A boy on Camera at Shoreline Studios.
Photo Credit: Crafting the Actor Camp

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This post is sponsored by Shoreline Studios

Our week-long workshop introduces students to what it takes to become a working film and TV actor! Train with top-working actors in town to learn different approaches and gain practical, comprehensive experience and knowledge in a fun, safe and supportive environment! We foster actors who are more than just actors by helping them build their confidence and find their individuality.  It’s a great time to make friends, learn and explore characters, and find out more about yourself!

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