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12 Very Vancouver (and super cute) Halloween costumes for kids!

12 Very Vancouver (and super cute) Halloween costumes for kids!

Today’s Vancouver tots are all about rocking cool looks year-round, and Halloween is no exception. Here’s a roundup of some of the hippest Vancouver-inspired costumes for your little ones to sport on October 31st. PS: Don’t forget to mask-up, distance and wash your hands.

Halloween Costumes for Vancouver Kids

Health Care Worker

Photo via wholesalehalloween

In honour of COVID and masking up, we anticipate that lots of mini Dr Henry’s, doctors, nurses and front line workers roaming the halls and streets this Halloween.

Main Street hipster

Photo credit:

Take away that axe and replace it with an empty IPA bottle, and bingo, the hit of Halloween!

Ice cream cone

Vancouverites are crazy about ice cream. So dress the kids (or family up) as an Earnest or Rain or Shine ice cream.

Pumpkin spice latte

Image credit: The Bump

Lattes are popular all year long in this city, but nothing says fall quite like a “PSL”. Love ’em or hate em, folks will go ga ga for this baby costume!


sushi costume halloween kids
Insanely cute sushi babies by The Wishing Elephant on Etsy!

Pay homage to Vancouver’s amazing sushi offerings by transforming your little one into a California roll or a piece of sockeye nigiri.

Top shops to pick up Halloween costumes!


Just add strips of nori seaweed and a drizzle of mayo!

Jazz up a run of the mill hot dog costume by adding some strips of nori and Japanese mayo to replicate one of our city’s unique culinary treasures, Japadog!


Image credit: Pottery Barn

Donuts are definitely the new cupcake. Your little sweetie can go as an earl grey donut from Cartem’s, an old fashioned from Lucky’s, or a classic Timbit.

Need more costume inspiration? Check out these ideas from Just Imagine

Backyard chicken

Image credit:

We sure love our backyard chickens in Vancouver. Dress the little one up as a fluffy chicken and watch people cluck over these adorable duds.

 Olympic Village Beaver

beaver costume kids
Whimsywerk’s sweet beaver duds

Did you know we have a family of urban beavers living in and around Olympic Village? They’re pretty much local celebrities. Send out your own East Van or Yaletown beaver trick-or-treating.

Local sea creature

Image credit: objetdujour

Shout out to all the whales that call Vancouver home by outfitting your baby as a shark or whale from the Vancouver Aquarium.

Grouse Mountain Grizzly

Who doesn’t love a baby in a bear costume? Drop in to visit the two rescued grizzlies on the top of Grouse Mountain for inspiration.

See Also

BC Lions player and football

Photo & costume credit:

You may need some mad DIY skills to pull this one off but imagine a little BC Lions player with baby bro (or sis) as a football! Just please don’t toss that ball.

Vancouver Marathon runner

baby marathon runner costume
Marathoner cuteness. Image credit:

Your tot will be ready to sprint from house to house in this easy to make costume. A sweat suit, headband, sneakers and a medal complete the look.

Tiny scuba diver

scuba diver costume oh happy day
Pretend your diving for starfish in the Georgia Straight! Image courtesy of Oh Happy Day.

There aren’t many things cuter than a tiny scuba diver. Two litre bottles painted silver become oxygen tanks; just add a snorkeling mask. Look out, Porteau Cove!

Rain Cloud

Image credit:

You can’t get more Vancouver than rain! So dress up as a rain cloud and it may even keep the droplets at bay on Halloween night. #raincouver

PS: Given our obsession with Pumpkin Patches, you can’t go wrong with a little pumpkin outfit for your little pumpkin.

Original written by Kristin McIvor in 2016 and updated in 2017 and 2018.

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