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Halloween costume ideas from Vancouver’s Just Imagine

Halloween costume ideas from Vancouver’s Just Imagine

On the hunt for some Halloween costume ideas? Donna Dobo, founder of Just Imagine, shares some tips.

Halloween costume ideas from the pros

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Still searching for the perfect Halloween costume? We have some truly spooktacular ideas for the whole family.

  • Hobbits and Dwarves – For the whole family. After all, what is funnier than a seven year old wearing a braided beard? Lots of the costume pieces could come out of the family closet. Think brown. Capes. Leather and coffee sacks. It’s a great group costume for all ages and genders.
  • Funsies – These polar fleece jumpsuits with hoods come in lots of popular animal styles for kids and adults. We didn’t want to get too excited until they arrived but they just came through the door. We think funsies are great loungers for any time of the year. Plus they’ll keep you cozy if Halloween is chilly.
  • Morphsuits – Think the infamous Canucks green men. Kids love the total anonymity. You can even see and sip a beverage through them. No snacking though.
  • Owls – Owls are a great choice for young kids because they’re cute, smart and cozy. Also, if the rest of the family is doing Harry Potter (and many are), it’s fun to put the youngest child in a Hedwig costume. Or you could even dress up the family dog.

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  • Astronauts – This costume is more popular than ever. With the last space shuttle flight, it’s now nostalgia. The real astronaut suits in orange or white are for space fans – popular with Montessori students who love to research reality-based costumes. They come in sizes from infant to adult. Plus, it provides a good excuse to do some family research into space exploration.
  • Vegetables – I don’t know if it’s all the healthy eating, but for some reason carrots, corn, pea pods, bananas and other vegetables are super funny to little kids and the really big kids like dad.
  • Zombies – With this flexible Halloween costume you can take any outfit you like and zombify. It’s so much fun to turn your favourite character into the undead. Think zombie businessman, zombie poodle skirt wearing 50s girl … the sky’s the limit. Mix up the makeup in your kitchen with simple ingredients. It’s also a great way to recycle last year’s slightly trashed Halloween costume.

Most of all, Just Imagine believes that a Halloween costume should not be a one shot deal. Invest your energy in an outfit that is meaningful to you, and that suits your interests. A good wig is a total disguise, and you will use that wig many times. Likewise for a cool satin cape. Don’t forget to use what you already have, as well. Go to the closet and find those pieces that add to the costume and make it unique for you. Or if you need that crucial accessory that would take 14 hours to make, Just Imagine probably has it.

While the Halloween season calls for pumpkins and witches, these are not as much fun in the dressup trunk for year-round costume play. Think about what your kids will want to wear once Halloween is over – because costumes are not just for October. On that note, many shops offer deep discounts on their costumes after the big night. It’s a great time to stock up the dress-up bin, or think ahead to next year.

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