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Play outside without leaving home

Play outside without leaving home

Spring is all about being and playing outside. The nights are longer and lighter, and the kids can finally run around outside instead of being cooped up inside. Besides being outdoors is good for all of us and staying active is more important that even for screen-wedded kids (and their parents!).

There are tons of spring activities to do from blossom walks to woodsy hikes and beach days. but sometimes, it’s nice to just hang out in the back yard, or on the patio or balcony.

This is where a backyard trampoline comes in. Imagine the kids racing out to jump around on the trampoline burning off energy and inhaling fresh air all while you do … well whatever you want really. Think of the possibilities! You can putter around in the garden, read a book, or pour yourself a cold one while the kids bounce around on the trampoline. It’s also a birthday money-saver. No more booking birthday parties. Now it’s pizza, cake and bouncing games in the the backyard.

play outside on a springfree trampoline
Participation lists trampolining as one of it’s 150 Play List activities. Why? Because it’s a great workout (and calorie burner), incredibly fun, and easy as pie to learn.

And trampolines have come a long way baby!

According to Participaction, trampolining has some Canadian roots, which go back to the Inuit practice of the blanket toss, and eventually the springboard apparatus  was introduced in the 19th century by Circus Royal. Yes, bouncing off fabric has been around for centuries. The modern version of the trampoline us used in competitive sport, flight and astronaut training, and cross training.

Smart Trampolines come with built in games for the wired in kid community. Springfree’s tgoma game system motivates kids to jump more and play longer by providing high energy and educational games. And there are games for grownups too. tgomaFit, a fitness app for adults, tracks personal fitness goals!
play outside on a springfree trampoline

This post is sponsored by one of our Community Builder, Springfree Trampoline.
Our smart trampolines encourage kids to spend more time outside, being active. We’ve re-engineered the trampoline eliminating impact areas most commonly related to injuries and built to last. Bounce by for free test jumps for the whole family at our Coquitlam store!

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