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Green Style: Celebrate Earth Day With A New Bag

Green Style: Celebrate Earth Day With A New Bag

Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun there was Cork By Design Handbags. Created by local Vancouverite, Heather Vainer, the bags are made out of cork, which is an environmentally sustainable material. Heather first discovered cork while travelling in Portugal where cork trees grow in abundance. She came home with a cork handbag and received dozens of compliments on the look and softness of the material. Her handbags come in several trendy designs and are on our radar as the perfect bag for Vancouver moms who want to make a green style statement.

Green Style For Moms

green style cork by design handbags fashionThe cork bags are ultra light so moms can fill them with diapers, wipes, and other essentials without the extra weight of the bag itself. My favourites are the 072 Blue Big Handbag which is the perfect carry all size, while the 107 B Lace Bag has a unique lace pattern and plenty of storage room.

When I asked Heather if she thought the bags would work well for moms she told me, “Cork is super easy to clean. You just need mild soap and a cloth or a used tooth brush. Cork is also water repellent. ” Heather points out that Vancouver weather makes a water repellent bag very practical but my first thought was that a water resistant material equates to milk and pee repellent; very practical indeed.

Two-In-One Design

Cork by Design handbags range from $65 to $190 depending on the size of the handbags. The most expensive bag has an insert that you can keep inside the shell or you can take it out and use it separately making it a 2-in-1 design. The handbags are sold in Bodacious on Granville Island and can also be bought online at

Nature’s Leather

Heather calls cork nature’s leather as it mimics the look of leather. But unlike regular leather no harsh chemicals are used in the creation of the bags. It really is green style you can feel great about. While most women don’t need an excuse to buy a new bag, Earth Day is on April 22nd. Why not celebrate by buying something environmentally sustainable? And pretty. Very, very pretty.

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