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You Got Coffee Mail

You Got Coffee Mail

There is a correlation between the amount of coffee I consume and the number of children I have. As one friend put it, “Coffee is the nectar of moms.” I started drinking coffee with indiscriminate taste as my husband welcomed me into the coffee-drinking fold. His aim was to refine my coffee tasting palette by introducing me to high-quality freshly roasted coffee. He sources out the best beans, grinds them to the perfect texture with a hand blender and then uses the pour over technique to produce the finest cup of joe. Our ongoing problem is running out of fresh beans and resorting to old, stale beans from the corner store just to reach our caffeine quota for the day. Leave it to a couple of parents to recognize this common problem and come up with a solution – Coffee Mail.

Coffee Mail to Your Doorstepcoffee mail

Vancouver parents Jonny and Tessa Hughes created Coffee Mail, a business that brings expertly crafted coffee to your doorstep. Coffee usually loses its freshness 10 days after roasting, and a few minutes after it’s been ground. The coffee selection available in supermarkets is limited, mass-produced and very often stale by the time it gets onto the shelf. The beans are over roasted, pulverized, and even poddified to cover up what started out as a cheap, old bean. Coffee Mail works with Timbertrain Coffee, one of Vancouver’s talented roasters to source high-grade single-origin green beans, custom roasted to perfection.

Tasting The Difference

The morning Coffee Mail arrived at my doorstep was a happy day. My husband had left for work in the wee hours of the morning and found our package of fresh beans on his way out. I awoke bedraggled and disoriented, with my three children underfoot. I stumbled into the kitchen to discover the package on my counter. I opened the Timbertrain Coffee beans and then pulled out our old bag of beans from the cupboard. I sniffed them next to each other like a connoisseur comparing fine wines. The smell of my Coffee Mail was rich, fragrant, and layered with tantalizing aromas. In contrast our old bag of beans smelled stale and, well, old.

Utilising the pour over skills taught by my husband I took my Coffee Mail and made the perfect cup of coffee. It was like a breath of fresh air on a crisp spring morning to enjoy artisanal coffee for its complex intriguing flavours as opposed to drinking coffee for a quick caffeine fix.

The Verdict

For most parents it’s difficult to go out of our way to buy a bag of top-quality, locally roasted coffee beans. By default we buy beans off the shelf at the closes grocery store. Coffee Mail is the solution to unsavoury coffee drinking. If you think about how much you spend drinking mediocre coffee at cafes, a bi-weekly subscription for high quality beans with a monthly billing of $40 through Coffee Mail is well worth it.  Why not cut out the middle man and enjoy a fresh cup of joe in the comforts of your own home?

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