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It’s got the cool kid interior design thing down: reclaimed wood tables, terrariums, large communal table, blonde wood, lots of white. Of course the coffee is quite good. If you’re after a single-origin cup, roasted here in Vancouver, brewed when you order it, Matchstick is your deal. If you’re not quite that particular, they still…

Platform 7 is a super cool little coffee shop located in the hip and happening East Hastings neighbourhood. They serve delicious breakfast sandwiches, and if you have a sweet tooth try the organic peanut butter cookie. I really like what they’ve done with the interior design. It’s kind a like being inside a train station. Oh and the coffee is excellent too. All aboard!


You Got Coffee Mail

Do you run out of fresh coffee beans and resort to less tasty options to meet your caffeine quota? A couple of parents have a solution – coffee mail.