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21 ways to boost your mood instantly

21 ways to boost your mood instantly

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Even though the sun is shining and the return to “normal” feels within reach, happiness isn’t guaranteed. There is still a lot to stress about, and probably always will be, Moms have big feelings too. While we work through the anxiety of the heavy things slowly and intentionally, here are 21 things you can do right now that will boost your mood and put a smile on your face. You’re seconds away from a fresh outlook. Ready? Pick one. Go!

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Mood boosters

  1. Get outside and leave your phone inside – once you’re there, breathe deeply.
  2. Take a hot or cold shower – point the water directly at your face
  3. Send a friend a nice text message saying you’re thinking of them
  4. Google pictures of kittens or puppies
  5. Pick a 90s pop song (we suggest Spice Girls or Salt-n-Pepa) and turn it up LOUD
  6. Dance (like no one’s watching, even if you have little eyes on you)
  7. Pop a bottle of bubbles and pour a glass, celebrate yourself
  8. Buy a tub (or a cone) of the expensive ice cream – have seconds
  9. Watch a reality TV show
  10. Read something with pictures like a magazine or cookbook
  11. Plant something or water your garden
  12. Sweat – run, lift, stretch, move
  13. Hug someone (cuddling a pet or baby will do)
  14. Make a cup of fancy tea – drink it without looking at any devices
  15. Look at old vacation photos and dream about your next holiday
  16. Go for a walk and smile at a stranger – say hello if you’re feeling brave
  17. Listen to a podcast
  18. Brush your hair, put makeup on or paint your nails
  19. Meditate
  20. Journal, draw or colour
  21. Drink a big glass of cold water – add lemon or lime if you have one handy

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