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Five festive (and local) Valentine’s Day bubblies

Five festive (and local) Valentine’s Day bubblies

Whether it’s Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day, nothing set hearts aflutter quite like a bottle of bubbly. Really who needs an excuse to pop a cork (or two). And there’s no reason to head to the France or Italy aisle at the liquor store to get your bubble on; there are 40 wineries in the Okanagan that make palate-pleasing sparkling wine.

Photo via Town Hall Brands

Five festive Valentine’s Day bubblies

Here are a few BC bubblies, we’ll raise a glass to.

Blue Grouse Paula Sparking 2017

Photo Credit: Derek Ford

This sparkling has aromas of pear, green apple and bit of earthy mushroom. It is perfect to be tasted at the start of your celebration with your loved one because it is a perfect pair for goat cheese appetizers or oysters. Available online or at the winery for $31.

Singletree Victory 2017

Photo Credit: BC Wine Institute

Victory is a delicate frizzante made from Siegerrebes (see-geh-RAY-buh) or “Victory Grape” in German. This wine has aromas of rose petal and tropical fruit notes on the palate. It is a great bottle to enjoy with a light dinner and fruity desserts. Serve this to your love and you are in for the win. Available to order here.

Haywire Bub 2016

The Bub is a bold sparkling. With crisp and fresh citrus and toasty notes, this wine is made in the champagne method and carries good acidity and tiny bubbles. It is all you need to feel the French vibes even if you are not going to Europe this Valentine’s Day. Available online here for $29.90.

Haywire Pink Bub 2018 & Baby Bub 2018

Photo via Town Hall Brands

Haywire’s Pink Bub is a crowd pleaser. A special edition of Bubs, available in 750 ml bottle as well as the smaller (and adorable) 350 ml version, the Baby Bub. Flavours of strawberry and zippy citrus, carried by the delicate mousse of the bubbles, make this wine great on its own, to start your meal, with a cheese course, or with bready pastries. So loved that it sold out in two weeks and it is now back just in time for Valentine’s Day. Available online here.

Free Form Ancient Method 2017

This is a 100% organic Pinot Noir wine with ripe red apples on the palate and crisp lemon finish. Each Free Form wine is one of a kind, made to never be repeated. The exclusivity of organic grapes, native yeasts and the lack of rough handling makes this wine a unique gift for a special person. Find online here for $34.90.

Evolve Cellars Pink Effervescence

Photo via Town Hall Brands

This Evolve is a light blend of Pinot Blanc, Merlot and Chardonnay and offers notes of ripe peach and rich berry fruit. Colored for the occasion, this bubbly is easy to drink and you will find hard to resist a refill. The Pink Effervescence an ideal gift for a date night. Find here for $19.99.

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