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Tips for a Greener Easter

Tips for a Greener Easter

Easter is coming up fast, which means it’s time to get hopping with your preparations. As the world around us turns a lovely shade of green, why not reflect that with a greener Easter? To help us reduce our carbon footprint, we got in touch with Suzanne Bertani from Green Planet Parties. Her one-stop online shop is all about celebrations. She carries locally manufactured decorations, compostable tableware for disposable convenience, and little extras like special items for Easter or beeswax candles. She seemed like the perfect person to help us create a more eco-friendly Easter.

Choose Quality Over QuantityGreen Easter felt chick hair ties

When it comes to the environment at Easter, Suzanne wants you to think about the items you’re putting inside those reusable plastic Easter eggs. She says, “Egg fillers are probably the worst offender; small dollar store type items that fit inside each egg and are sourced based on size rather than quality.” She also has concerns about Easter treats. She’s not a fan of cheap chocolate that is heavily packaged with plastic. We can’t really blame her on that count – life is too short for bad chocolate.

Okay, so we want to avoid buying lots of cheap stuff to fill up our Easter baskets. But what about those of us who are operating on a limited budget? Suzanne says, “Create memories with your children during the holidays. These are more precious than the ‘stuff’ they will collect and play with for a limited amount of time. Invest in one quality decoration that can be reused for many years and gets children excited when it comes out in March. When you invest in quality, you save money in the long run because you will be able to reuse this special Easter decor!”

Get Creative at Eastereaster environmentally friendly green felted Easter eggs

Holidays inspire lots of people to get creative, and Easter is no exception. Suzanne recommends Pinterest and blogs for good Easter-themed crafting ideas. She says, “Incorporate craft materials from the forest floor such as mini pine cones, acorns, and moss, rather than glitter and plastic that cannot be composted. Create your own dye for Easter eggs by using beets and boiled onion skins. This is a budget friendly egg decorating idea that kids will love. If you want to keep your decorated eggs, buy wooden eggs and use non-toxic paint. It’s special to see how the themes children select change as they grow with Easter eggs.”

Suzanne suggests that you invest in one sustainable gift for the end of the egg hunt. A mom of four herself, she uses colour-coded eggs for each of her kids. She shares, “At the very last egg the child finds one sustainable present, rather than filling each egg with something small. Having an egg hunt in a nearby trail or forest is very magical and creates wonderful memories that children will treasure. I’ll also be incorporating felted eggs this year in our hunt.”

Easter burlap garland environmentally friendly green holiday

What About the Easter Candy?

This is all well and good, but for many kids (and moms) Easter is all about the candy. Can we still have the candy? Suzanne says, “Traditional candy contains pretty yucky ingredients like artificial dyes and corn syrup. Also with the number of allergies with children, especially if you are handing out candy in classrooms, it’s best to stick to organic brands. Also, once you start researching the manufacturing of chocolate, you might want to shop with Fair Trade brands. A nice balance of organic and Fair Trade candy and chocolate is quite easy to source with the wide selections available.”

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Suzanne has one more tip for making your Easter memorable and sustainable. “With all the talk of eggs around Easter, we will make several visits to local farms to talk about animals and the importance of finding and learning about where our food comes from. I try to incorporate nature into all holidays and I find it helps reduce the need to consume and increases the memories for myself and the kids.” We think that a trip to Maplewood Farm at this time of year is just full of Easter fun. Not only can you learn about eggs, but they have rabbits to pet and baby lambs are starting to arrive. It’s a great way to make memories instead of garbage.

What steps do you take to help create a green Easter? We’d love to hear – leave us a reply and share your tips!

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