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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Still a few days left until Christmas. Did you remember the stocking stuffers? In case you didn’t, here are a few last minute ideas.

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

Puffy stickers. Shiny stickers. I especially love the sticker books from Mudpuppy. $7. Available at Raspberry Kids.

GoGo’s Crazy Bones

Each pack contains three Crazy Bones and three stickers, each randomly selected. Available at The Village Toy Shop.


Improve your child’s math skills with this brand new game. Packaged in a zippered pouch, Sumoko fits perfectly in the stocking and then the glove compartment or backpack for easy travel. Available at The Village Toy Shop.

Molded Letters from Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

A holiday tradition in my brother-in-law’s house, each person receives a chocolate letter of their first initial. Available at Charlie’s Chocolate Factory in Burnaby.

Momiji Secret Message Dolls

Place a little note in these cute and collectible Momiji Secret Message Dolls. Each one has a theme perfect for the party girl or little star on your list. $11 to $13. Available at Raspberry Kids.

Kid-friendly Natural Nail Polish

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I am loving the kid-friendly nail polish that’s been hitting the stores this past year. Natural and non-toxic, both Hopscotch Kids and Piggy Paint are reliable brands to look for. Available at Raspberry Kids and Giving Gifts, respectively.

Rubber Band Bracelets

Zanybandz. Sillybandz. Whatever. Your child could probably use more. $3 to $6. Available at The Village Toy Shop.

Kelvin Multi Tool

For any big person in your life – or even an older kid who’s moving into their first place, the locally invented Kelvin.23 is the “Swiss army knife of home decoration”. $30 Available at Canadian Tire.

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