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7 reasons to visit Queen Elizabeth Park this spring

7 reasons to visit Queen Elizabeth Park this spring

On a glorious day, when the sea feels too far away and you’d rather stare at the mountains than be in them, there’s no better spot to bring the kids for fresh air and photo ops than QE Park, smack dab in the centre of Vancouver.

Photo credit: Harriet Fancott

Why we love Queen Elizabeth Park!

The Fountain: Kids can’t get enough of these dancing jets of water. They’ll run around and around the fountain, stopping to dip their hands, and sometimes even feet, in. Bring some pennies for tossing and a change of clothes … just in case.

The Duck Pond: The lower duck pond is a hot spot for little ones perfect for stick playing, rock throwing (away from the ducks, of course) or watching our feathered friends mill about.

The Gardens: The Park boasts several lovely gardens including the rose garden, which peaks from June to September, and the two quarry gardens that offer year-round abundance, bridges and a small waterfall.

The Cherry Blossoms: The Park is the ideal spot for a Japanese style Sakura picnic when the arboretum erupts with pink petals in March/April. PS: Admire the magnolias while you’re there.

Photo credit: Harriet Fancott

The Bloedel Floral Conservatory: This indoor oasis filled with tropical plants, fish, colourful (and chatty) birds, offers a soothing (and warm) port in a storm in the event of rain or cold.

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The Weddings: Stumbling upon a taffeta’d bride, her tuxedoed groom and a gussied up bridal party is all part of the fun!

The Views: On a clear day, the views of the city, the ocean and the famous Lions are simply unparalleled.

Just don’t forget your camera!

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