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Top ten gluten-free restaurants and cafes in Vancouver

Top ten gluten-free restaurants and cafes in Vancouver

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When it comes to food, gluten-free is the new black. More and more people are giving up wheat, either because of an allergy or intolerance like celiac disease (did you know that May is Celiac Awareness Month?), or based on personal choice. The good news is  there have never been more gluten-free dining options than there are right now. Gluten-free eateries are popping up all over, and many traditional restaurants have gluten-free menus. Here are some of our top Vancouver restaurant picks for gluten-free dining.

Top ten gluten-free restaurants and cafes in Vancouver

Gluten-Free Pizza: Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.
Pizza is the ultimate comfort food for many of us. The oozy, melted cheese, the toppings, the sauce, and of course the dough all combine to create something that is fast, filling and irresistible. There are lots of options for gluten-free pizza, but our prize goes to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Their gluten-free crust is perfectly prepared, and doesn’t taste like it’s missing a thing. Plus, it’s a pizza you can feel good about for other reasons, because the Vancouver restaurant commits to supporting local farmers and suppliers, and continually reducing its carbon footprint. The variety of their toppings is also top-notch. It’s a local gem, for sure.

Gluten-Free Noodles: Noodlebox
They have protocols in place in their kitchens to avoid cross-contamination, and have several gluten-free options. Very casual, family-friendly, and most noodle bowls are also customizable for picky eaters. Plus the price is right—the Kids Box is $5, or there are Family Boxes for 4 ($45) or 6 ($70). And parents will be happy too, because Noodlebox serves a selection of bottled and on-tap craft beers.


Gluten-Free Fish and Chips: The Fish Counter
A Main St hot spot for fresh, locally-caught fish ‘n’ chips battered in Next-Jen gluten-free flour and it’s fried in a separate, dedicated fryer so there’s lower risk of contact with gluten.

Gluten-Free Sushi: Iki sushi
This West Broadway sushi joint, is entirely gluten-free, and features GF soy sauce, tempura, and other hard-to-find goodies like agedashi tofu, and their own version of gyoza, made with rice wrappers.

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Gluten-Free Juice: The Juice Truck
Hit up the truck or their bricks and mortar location near Olympic Village. Get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies with juices and smoothies to keep parents and kids satisfied, plus healthy plant-based snacks, salads, and more.

Gluten-Free Mexican: Bandidas
Bandidas Taqueria on Commercial Drive is a fabulous neighbourhood spot. Most of their items use corn tortillas, and are completely gluten-free. Plus, they source their food locally whenever possible, and they’re completely vegetarian. The culinary creativity level at this Vancouver restaurant is very high, so your taste buds are in for a treat. Whether you eat wheat or not, Bandidas is a fabulous choice for filling, delicious food that you can feel good about eating.

Gluten-Free Date Night: CinCin
Whenever we talk to Vancouver moms about great date night spots, CinCin comes out on top. It’s clearly the place to head when you get that babysitter lined up. Not only is this the perfect spot for dinner with your squeeze, it also offers some great gluten-free options. They make their own gluten-free bread, pizza dough and pappardelle in-house. You don’t have to sacrifice taste or atmosphere to get your wheatless nosh on at this Vancouver restaurant.

Gluten-Free Bakery: Panne Rizo
Located at 1939 Cornwall in Kitsilano, Panne Rizo has been in business since 1998. This Vancouver restaurant and bakery is entirely gluten-free, and offers a huge variety of items, including breads, cakes, cookies, squares, savoury baked goods, and gluten-free flours and mixes. They also offer lunch items in their cafe. Because they’re entirely gluten-free, there’s no guesswork. If you haven’t had a slice of cinnamon raisin bread in forever, or you want a gluten-free birthday cake, Panne Rizo is the place to head.

Gluten-Free Chain: Milestones
If you’re looking for a variety of gluten-free options almost anywhere you happen to be around town, Milestones offers several gluten-free favourites on their menu, including burgers, pasta, steak and salad. It’s lovely to see a chain restaurant growing their gluten-free menu.

Gluten-Free All-Around: The Wallflower Modern Diner
The Wallflower on Main Street prides itself on accommodating special diets, including gluten-free options. The vast majority of the Vancouver restaurant’s menu items have a gluten-free version, including their burgers, pasta, sandwiches, breakfasts and vegan items. If you’re looking for feel-good food and a wide variety of options, the Wallflower is the place to head. If you have a friend who has a list of dietary restrictions as well, you’ll both find something you can eat and enjoy.

Gluten-Free Casual The Gluten-free Epicurean
The Gluten Free Epicurean is a small, cozy place tucked between Collage Collage and Spool of Thread on a very hip street just off Kingsway and Fraser. The menu includes a selection of sweet and savoury things, including several kinds of pizza each day (including vegan options), mini-quiche, muffins, sweet bars, tarts, cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, pizza buns, apple fritters and ice-cream sandwiches. The freezer holds take-home pies and pizza dough, and there’s a selection of items like cake mixes, graham cracker crumbs and artisan crackers along the shelves at the back. They serve tea and juice, but no coffee (head to Matchstick next door for that.)

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