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Believe it or not, summer approaches! And now is the time to book your kids into summer camps. Here are our picks for unique summer camps for kids around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Whether it’s cooking, film, opera, nature or overnight camps, there’s plenty to satisfy your kids’ hearts, minds and bodies this summer. >> Did…

Vancouver is expensive. We all know that. But we love it for its natural beauty, eco-friendly vibe and local foodie scene. Still a few freebies don’t hurt. Here are some family friendly activities that are long on fun and short on dollars spent … in fact totally free (expect for a few “by donation” activities)….

Looking for a family dentist that really knows kids? One that keeps them calm, happy and looking forward to a visit to the dentist? Well our VM Picks: Top Vancouver Family Dentists list features family, pediatric and orthodontic dentists that cater to families and children.

Vancouver’s natural beauty has long called on locals and visitors alike to step into the photographer role; and now the talents of various artists creating picture perfect murals and street art are giving even more opportunity for inspiring photo explorations. Charge your phone, pull out your camera and bring a friend because these creative backgrounds…