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Valentine’s Day Book Review: Three Stories for Your Little Sweeties

In our house, we read stories every day. It’s just part of our routine, but it certainly helps that we love books. There are books piled beside the couch, at the head of every bed and even in the bathroom. We really do love books! So I was delighted to receive a stack of children’s books from Raincoast Books for a Valentine’s Day book review.

Book Review: One Love

book review one love by cedella marleyThis gorgeous book is based on the song by Bob Marley, with words adapted by Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley and illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. In it, a little girl goes through her day and experiences of love with her family, friends, earth and community as everyone gets together to build a park in their community. The strength of this book is in its beautiful illustrations, which carry the plot and add another level of meaning to the simple, rhythmic words.

Book Review: If I Could Keep you Little

At one point or another, every parent realizes that their child isn’t going to be little for very long. This book, written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond, explores the sweetness of being with your child when he or she is little, by pushing him in a stroller or finger-painting with her, and the sweetness of a child growing up and becoming a capable young adult. While this book will be appealing for many parents, my kids gave it a kind of lukewarm reception. Maybe it’s because they’re both still little themselves, and can’t yet appreciate what it means to love someone who will eventually grow up and leave you.

Book Review: You Are a Gift to the World

book review you are a gift to the worldMy first clue that this book was a little different from the rest was the fact that both covers look like the front of the book. “Where should I start?” I wondered. I dived in and discovered that this book, written by Laura Duksta and illustrated by Dona Turner, is a perpetual story. We read into the centre of the book, then flipped it over and read into the middle from the other side. The book is cleverly written so the story keeps going and going. My kids loved this, and wanted to read it over and over. The theme of love appears here too, and it’s presented in a way that kids can understand. The only downside is that it’s hard to stop reading it!

Books are an excellent way to build some time for quiet closeness into your day, to wind down at night and to explore different themes and ideas with kids. All three of these books are a great way to bring up the theme of love for Valentine’s day or on a child’s birthday, and they’re great fun to read together. Happy reading!

Do you have a favourite book about love to read to your kids on Valentine’s Day, or anytime? Leave us a reply and share your pick!

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