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Valentine’s Day craft ideas from local Moms for toddlers and preschoolers

Valentine’s Day craft ideas from local Moms for toddlers and preschoolers

 “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” —Maya Angelou

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With the extra time we have at home during this ongoing pandemic, many of us could use a few fun craft projects to occupy the little ones … so why not do it in the name of love!

Here are some Valentine’s Day craft ideas ideal for ages 1 and up shared by a few local Moms. Be sure to given them a follow on Instagram.

Five Valentine’s Crafts the kids will love!

Cellophane ‘Heart’ Light Catchers

Photo credit: Connie Hobbis

Fun for the little ones as all the hearts are pre-cut with construction paper. I @buddycons used a mixture of two colour cellophane sheets, pre-cut them into 2 inch squares and asked my kiddos to glue and “bridge” all the white space between the large heart together. Then using the identical pre-cut construction heart, glue it together and there you have it!

Watch as their faces light up as you hold their creations to light at a nearby window simple, easy & fun!

Rainbow of Watercolour Hearts

Photo credit: Melissa Philipchalk

Melissa, mom of 4 of @petitelittleseveryday shares that with watercolors and white craft paper, your kids of all ages can create striking designs that can then be cut into the shape of hearts. Easy DIY creations just like that! And how lovely do they look taped up with some washi tape while drying. Effective backdrops can be created by piecing together smaller art creations for a look like no other.

Heart Stamper Painting

Photo credit by Christine Armson

Christine, mom of 3 of @armsonadventures shares her daughter’s favorite Valentine’s activity— it’s to paint! She realized by manipulating the paper towel rolls with elastics, you can create a retro heart-shaped stamper that is simple to do and hours of fun. Try different shapes and watch as their creativity flows. Simplicity at it’s best here!

‘Throw Confetti Like Kindness’ dot paint project

Photo credit: Janel Viaje

Janel, mom of 2 @novahskye shared her art idea inspired by American artist Jim Dine’s “Confetti Heart 1.” What you’ll need to create this look is to first cover the canvas with mini confetti strokes using multicolored acrylic paint. Once dried, using a dry brush technique, you would paint the black heart over the coloured dots. The result resembles a painting from an art gallery.

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DIY Conversation Hearts Pinatas

Photo credit: Jacky Wust

Jacky, mom of 1 @jackywustdesigns shares an adorable art project that requires a little bit extra time & supplies, yet the end result is just plain adorable and can double as home decor! All you need is recycled cardboard, streamers, pink or red construction paper and a trusty hot glue gun and glue sticks. Parent supervision required, as a hot glue gun is involved.

First by cutting out two identical heart shapes with the recycled cardboard, connect the two hearts with two pieces of cardboard that are long enough to go around the sides of both hearts. Carefully, using the hot glue attach the sides together with the two heart shapes, leaving one side open. Fill the piñata as you wish and then glue the other side panel on. Then, cut the streamers lengthwise to create fringe. Carefully glue the pre-cut strips of streamers onto the piñataa tedious step, but look at the texture achieved. Finally, pick your saying and use the pink or red construction paper, stamped out letters (you can find stampers online) that you can then hot glue atop and voila, you have yourself a mini piñata!

Did any of these ideas inspire you for your week ahead, let us know and drop us a line or ask any questions as we are all here to help. Happy ‘heart’ crafting!

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