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Ask a kid what their favourite part of Christmas is and you’re almost guaranteed to get, “The gifts!” as an answer. While receiving gifts is definitely an important part of Christmas that parents want their kids to enjoy, Christmas is also a great opportunity to share with children the joy of generosity and giving from the heart.

Christmas is a time of year to be generous and give gifts, but all that sharing and generous giving often ends up as a big bag of wrapping paper, packaging and broken toys at the end of the day. Making Christmas a more environmentally friendly occasion takes a little bit of planning, but the holiday season can be less taxing on the earth. Here are a few ideas for a greener christmas to help you get started.

fall walks vancouver

With our long, relatively mild autumn weather, Vancouver is the ideal city for a crisp fall walk. The crowds of the summer have dissipated, the leaves are golden and green and mushrooms are popping up on the forest floor and beside sidewalks. There’s lots to see and do outdoors in the fall, so why not pack up the kids and go for a walk?