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Top Newborn, Family & Portrait Photography in Vancouver

Bright Photography

Looking for dazzling shots of your baby bump, newborn or the whole family? Our newly updated Top Newborn, Family and Portrait Photography list for Vancouver here to help. This is Vancouver Mom’s hand-picked list of professional (and talented) photographers and businesses who produce incredible kids and children’s photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and family portrait photography. Click on the links for Q&As and more photos as well as individual listings of our Featured photographers.



Michelle Morelos Photography
Brittney Kwasney of Bright Photography
Sugarplum Snaps Photography
Sarah Jane Photography
Ian Redd of Vancouver Headshots Photography
Deb Brown Photography
Jenn Di Spirito Photography
Bethany Schiedel of Images By Bethany
Leanne Liakos Photography
Jamie Lauren Photography
Nasim Yousefi & Jafar Edrisi of JaNa Photography
Darleane Johnston of Chickadee Photos 
Erica Miller Photography
Celina Lam Photography
Amanda Dams Photography
Wendy J Photography
Kelly Kope Photography


Kathryn Langsford of Photos By Kathryn
Joanna Moss Photography
Sara Paley Photography
Lauren Joan Photography
Rebecca Sehn, Childhood & Family Portrait
Anastasia Chomlack of Anastasia Photography
Morag Hastings of Apple Blossom Families
Erica Chan Photography
Haley Lorraine Photography
Kayla Beiler Photography
Alana Couch Photography
Théodora Armstrong of Frances Elizabeth Photography
Tiffany Munro Photography
Angela Chang Photography
Kyrani Kanavaros of Klik Photographic
Kristie Robin Photography
Linda Mackie Photography
Tobin Smith of PhoTobin Photography
Mavreen David Photography
Jillian Kirby Baby
Felicia Chang Photography
Robin Bonner Photographer
Noelle Nikas Photography
Laura-Lee Gerwing of My City Photos and Events
Emmy Lou Virginia Canedo of Emmy Lou Virginia Photography
Kate Woolley Photography
Eran Sudds of eran jayne photography
Sharon Chow of Hoot Creative Photography
Rachel Yoon Photography
Francesca & Cory Stevens of Cobblestone Collections
Cathy Kam Photography
Chelsea Brooke Roisum of CBR Photography
Jennifer Yuan of Rosy Photography
Jayme Lang of Jayme Anne Photography
Kelly Schaecher and Mark Taylor of Dovecote photography
Judith Laurel Photography
Amber Karwat of Beautyfull Moments Photography & Doula Services
Lindsey Kavanaugh of Petite Amie Photography
Vairdy Frail of Vairdy Photography
Sherri Koop Photography
Astrid Miller Photography
Kia Porter Photography
Jason Brown of Revival Arts Photography
Candice Wong Photography
Krista Ewert Photography
Jo and Bo Photography
Sarah Borsa + Jena Lenzi of Pacific North Photography
Shannon Banal of Cuddlebug Captures
E. Fraser Photography

Photo credits: Bright Photography & Sarah Jane Photography


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