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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Tanzyn Ambrose of Ridge Meadows Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Tanzyn Ambrose of Ridge Meadows Photography

Tanzyn Ambrose’s passion for photography started when her two children were born. First an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Maple Ridge-based photographer realized that she wanted to do more and expanded her hobby into a business.


Why did you get into photography?

I started into photography with a small decent fixed lens camera. After I had my daughter, my spouse got me a nice entry level SLR to fool around with. I truly feel my children inspire me. I started taking more and more pictures of them and other friends children, experimenting with different lenses, styles of lighting and environments. I love taking pictures of young children and infants, capturing the moments and experiences that you only see for that instance –  yet capture for a lifetime. I also really enjoy “macro” photography for that same reason: being able to capture things that you just seem to miss with the naked eye.


Tell us a bit about your company.

Ridge Meadows Photography is a small home business where I try and use the natural environment of our acreage, which seems to almost always provide me with some of the most amazing lighting and colors. I run my business around the hectic pace of being a mom, spouse and homemaker – enjoying them all to their fullest.



How would you characterize your style of photography?

If I had characterize my style of photography I would have to say it is unique to me and my clients. If I was to classify my style to any one single style, I would be limiting myself. I feel I learn something new almost every shoot and with that comes photos that tend to strike emotion in my clients when they see the end result.

Who are your clients?

My clients tend to be people and families who show a more than average interest in capturing the memories of the times their children grow, evolve and develop into wonderful, curious little creatures we adore so much.



What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

My clients should always expect not to rush and or worry about the fact you child just might not being having the “best day” (haha!). I am not the type of photographer who rushes through a shoot. I know babies and children need the time to get comfortable and be themselves. Shoots for me can and have gone into three hours – meaning more than anything that parents should have no worries about trying to get their little ones to behave or pose. This is all about capturing their life and emotions.

Anything else to add?

If I could add anything to this it would be that I am a real person a mother and someone who is more passionate about photography that I ever thought I could be. I absolutely love capturing and processing the images that I do – this has been the most rewarding experience possible.

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