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5 photography pro tips from Angela Hubbard of Beyond Bellies

5 photography pro tips from Angela Hubbard of Beyond Bellies

Ever wonder how professional photographers get such amazing family and baby photos? Clearly they have a few advantages over you and me. Experience for one as well as top notch equipment and a sprinkle of God-given talent. Still there are things we mortals can do to step up our own family photo game. We took a look at Angela Hubbard’s photography site to get some clues.

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Five ways to improve your family photos

Pro tip 1: Experiment with unique positions

Experiment with different positions to avoid static, staged looking photos. When taking shots of parents and newborns have the baby facing one way and one of parents the opposite. Play around.

Pro tip 2: Pick an interesting location

Select an outdoor location that’s meaningful to your family and presents an interesting backdrop. Consider the beach, forest, a local landmark or something gritty and urban (like mural or metal wall at Granville Island). Play around with park benches, stairs or metal bike racks.

Pro tip 3: Look for authentic moments

Capture people at their most authentic. Snap the photo when they are revealing what is true about themselves not posed or artificial. Look for unscripted moments of joy, love, connection and humour.

Pro tip 4: Use cute props for baby photos

When shooting photos of babies, try to capture them when they are sleeping as well as awake. Add cute props like angel wings, cute hats, baskets and fluffy blankets.

Pro tip 5: Let kids be kids

With active kids, snap them in motion. Allow them the clamber, climb and do their parkour moves for a few of the photos.

Words cannot express how we feel about you or your photography. You never cease to amaze us. Your artistic eye is always fresh …we JUST LOVE YOU! Thank you for sharing our special day with us….and many more days to come.

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Angela Hubbard has been a freelance photographer for over 25 in the Lower Mainland and travels around the globe. Her photography has captured over 800 weddings and a few hundred rockstars and celebrities. She is now primarily based in her hometown, Vancouver, documenting maternity, kids, families + portraits. | @fotochick | Facebook

All photos © Angela Hubbard.

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