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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Michelle Libby of Studio 32 Photography

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Michelle Libby of Studio 32 Photography

Random things about Michelle Libby of Studio 32: Clowns still scare her. She’s 40 years old. She’s a firm believer in karma. She thinks crocs and Oprah are evil. Oh and her portraits kick butt.


Why did you get into photography?

I worked in corporate America for 10 years and knew I  was way too much of a free spirit to be confined to a cubicle from 9-to-5. I went out to dinner with my husband one night complaining about my job, when I opened and read my fortune cookie. It said, “You will succeed in your secret passion.”  Yes it’s true, I changed my life on the basis of a fortune cookie. So I went back to school and studied photography.  I immersed myself in everything I could find related to photography and ended up in New York City studying at the International Center of Photography – a life-changing moment.


Tell us a bit about your company.

My company was born out of a pure drive to create art. I started in wedding photography in 2000 and it is still very near and dear to my heart. It moves me to the point where I still get goose bumps when I know I’ve nailed a photograph that is pure art. Then, my clients started to have babies and I had children and my photography lead me to children’s portraiture.  So I only photograph weddings and children because this is where my creative passion has led me.


How would you characterize your style of photography?

It’s very bright, happy, whimsical,  and one of a kind. My style is constantly being refined. With each photograph I take, I try to emit an emotion of love, energy and trust.  I have always been influenced by the arts especially the opera and I think this has a lot to do with my elaborate set ups.

Who are your clients?

My parent clients are what I like to call my patient friends. They know it takes a bit of time for me to plan portrait sessions around their children. In that time, I think about styling the image, everything from the clothes to the background to the props. I want to make sure that what I give my clients is a work of pure art and can never be replicated again by anyone. Everything must be unique.

My wedding clients are the nicest and most genuine, loving people around the city.  They don’t follow the crowd and they know  I only take a limited amount of weddings a year which makes Studio 32 more of an elite  boutique.

All my clients receive the highest caliber of customer service.


What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

It takes a lot of time to set up my appointments. Expect to go through a mini-tell all session before the portrait. I try to get as much detail and feedback before the appointment. I believe creating art takes time. On the day of the session, moms get to have a coffee, read a magazine and relax, everything has already been discussed and taken care of.  Now they can just watch me make a fool out of myself to bring an honest smile to their child. I create art from the heart.

Studio 32 Photography | Twitter: @Studio32 | Tel: 604-765-7752

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