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50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Laura Hana

50 Essential Portrait Photographers: Laura Hana

Vancouver portrait photographer Laura Hana values love, life and family – and wants to capture the essence of all that is good. A BCCT certified teacher who loves to learn and share, Laura also started to help moms take photos. She is also the founder of the OAC Photo Club in Vancouver. Oh and she has a daughter that likes to make funny faces in front of the camera – especially if Laura’s in the picture.


Why did you get into photography?

I’m pretty sure it’s in my genes. Growing up, I had never known anyone else who had as many photo albums as my family did. I have always treasured our photographs and spent countless hours poring over them again and again, reliving wonderful memories. Shortly after our wedding, my husband and I bought our first digital SLR to ensure we would also have photographs to document our new life together.


Tell us a bit about your company.

I began shooting portraits professionally two years ago starting with young children and families. Photographing a group of people who love each other leaves me with such a great feeling. We always have fun during the photo shoot as I encourage families to interact naturally, almost as if I weren’t present. This year, I had the honor of shooting eight weddings as both the primary photographer and as a second shooter.  Weddings are such intimate celebrations and I always feel so privileged to be a part of such an important day.


How would you characterize your style of photography?

Although my photography is constantly evolving, my style remains recognizable.  When I think “Laura Hana”, I think of images that are beautiful, fresh and full of life.


Who are your clients?

My clients are those who value life and memories. Gushing new parents who want to document every stage of their child’s life. Lovestruck couples who are ready and raring to build a new life together. Families who love and adore each other unconditionally. I am blessed to have such clients.


What should your mom clients expect when working with you?

As a mother, I understand family dynamics, especially when it comes to children. I have a natural affinity for working with kids and it doesn’t take long for them to feel comfortable with me. I want the Laura Hana photo shoot experience to be fun and memorable for everyone, so I make an effort to get to know the families I photograph before the day of the shoot. Starting with setting a location that holds a special meaning for the family to finding a time and date that works best for them, the photo shoot is tailored for each client.

Knowing how eager even I am to view the images, I usually send portrait clients a sneak peek within a day or two and have the session ready for viewing within two weeks.


Anything else to add?

There is nothing more rewarding than working on images from a shoot where everyone had such a great time. While processing photos, I get to relive those happy moments and in turn, know that my clients will treasure them for all time.  That’s a piece of heaven right there!

Laura Hana | Twitter: @laurahana | Facebook

All photos © Laura Hana.

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